Spot clothing airplane box custom bra express packaging clothing carton small box three-layer corrugated kraft paper

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Material hardness level Selected: Three layers hardened A
Three layers hardened A
Three-layer extra hard K
Five-story KK
Three-layer E flute* super hard
Three-layer C flute*Super hard
size Price Qty
TS(20*13*3)৳ 631167
TB(20*11*4)৳ 721852
T1(18*10*4)৳ 623475
T2(20*14*4)৳ 727496
T3(27*16.5*5)৳ 1267407
T4(25*20*7)৳ 1644155
T5(30*21.5*5)৳ 1524853
T6(37*30*6)৳ 2441452
B5(15*10*4)৳ 526510
B6(19*10*3)৳ 546083
B7(22*14*4)৳ 852451
B8(23*16*5)৳ 1119874
B9(25*15*4)৳ 1121181
Q6(15*15*5)৳ 168Out of Stock
D2(33*23*5)৳ 168Out of Stock
D3(36*26*6)৳ 168Out of Stock
D4(40*28.5*6)৳ 168Out of Stock
K7(30*17*7)৳ 168Out of Stock
G1(21*21*4)৳ 168Out of Stock
G2(21*21*6)৳ 168Out of Stock
G3(23*23*4)৳ 168Out of Stock
G4(23*23*6)৳ 168Out of Stock
From China To Bangladesh
Total Quantity: 0 Product Price: 0
Approx. Weight: 50 grams
Shipping Method:
Shipping Charge: ৳ 0
China Domestic Delivery: 70
Product Code: abb-1198601637Total Sold: 142035Seller Score: 5/10 Category:
Material hardness level Three layers hardened A, Three-layer extra hard K, Five-story KK, Three-layer E flute* super hard, Three-layer C flute*Super hard
size TS(20*13*3), TB(20*11*4), T1(18*10*4), T2(20*14*4), T3(27*16.5*5), T4(25*20*7), T5(30*21.5*5), T6(37*30*6), B5(15*10*4), B6(19*10*3), B7(22*14*4), B8(23*16*5), B9(25*15*4), Q6(15*15*5), D2(33*23*5), D3(36*26*6), D4(40*28.5*6), K7(30*17*7), G1(21*21*4), G2(21*21*6), G3(23*23*4), G4(23*23*6)

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