Baby cloth diapers, adjustable size, washable and waterproof, newborn diaper pockets, leak-proof and breathable baby diapers

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specification Selected: purple(Summer refreshing grid)
purple(Summer refreshing grid)
Scarlet(Summer refreshing grid)
green(Summer refreshing grid)
Pink(Summer refreshing grid)
blue(Summer refreshing grid)
yellow(Summer refreshing grid)
Orange(Summer refreshing grid)
Pure color purple without label
Random Color
blue(Short cashmere)
Pink(Short cashmere)
Scarlet(Short cashmere)
yellow(Short cashmere)
purple(Short cashmere)
Orange(Short cashmere)
green(Short cashmere)
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৳ 7776572
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Approx. Weight: 60 grams
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China Domestic Delivery: 70
Product Code: abb-1266341615Total Sold: 223211Seller Score: 11/20 Category:
specification purple(Summer refreshing grid), Scarlet(Summer refreshing grid), green(Summer refreshing grid), Pink(Summer refreshing grid), blue(Summer refreshing grid), yellow(Summer refreshing grid), Orange(Summer refreshing grid), Pure color purple without label, Random Color, blue(Short cashmere), Pink(Short cashmere), Scarlet(Short cashmere), yellow(Short cashmere), purple(Short cashmere), Orange(Short cashmere), green(Short cashmere)
Suggested retail price ¥18.00
Material High-quality polyester + waterproof TPU film + nano brushed cloth
Whether to import no
Brand 8090life
Qty 500
Product Category Cloth diapers
+88 09666-799125

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