Stainless steel handwheel GN 227.2-A is required to be used in special sanitary climate and environmental laws

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specification Selected: GN 227.2-160-B12-A
GN 227.2-160-B12-A
GN 227.2-160-K12-A
GN 227.2-160-V12-A
GN 227.2-200-B14-A
GN 227.2-200-K14-A
GN 227.2-200-V14-A
GN 227.2-250-B17-A
GN 227.2-250-K17-A
GN 227.2-250-V17-A
GN 227.2-315-B19-A
GN 227.2-315-K19-A
GN 227.2-315-V19-A
GN 227.2-400-B24-A
GN 227.2-400-K24-A
GN 227.2-400-V24-A
Different specifications and different prices
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specification GN 227.2-160-B12-A, GN 227.2-160-K12-A, GN 227.2-160-V12-A, GN 227.2-200-B14-A, GN 227.2-200-K14-A, GN 227.2-200-V14-A, GN 227.2-250-B17-A, GN 227.2-250-K17-A, GN 227.2-250-V17-A, GN 227.2-315-B19-A, GN 227.2-315-K19-A, GN 227.2-315-V19-A, GN 227.2-400-B24-A, GN 227.2-400-K24-A, GN 227.2-400-V24-A, Different specifications and different prices, GN, 227.2-160-B12-A, 227.2-160-K12-A, 227.2-160-V12-A, 227.2-200-B14-A, 227.2-200-K14-A, 227.2-200-V14-A, 227.2-250-B17-A, 227.2-250-K17-A, 227.2-250-V17-A, 227.2-315-B19-A, 227.2-315-K19-A, 227.2-315-V19-A, 227.2-400-B24-A, 227.2-400-K24-A, 227.2-400-V24-A
Order number GN227.2-A
Custom processing no
Item No. GN227.2-A
model GN227.2-A
Scope of application Universal
Sample or spot Spot
Is it a standard part Standard Parts
Standard type German standard
standard encdoing GN227.2-A
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