Environmental protection metal underwear adjustment buckle Bra shoulder strap buckle underwear 089 word buckle alloy accessories factory direct sales

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colour Selected: yellow
specification Price Qty
20MM8 word buckle৳ 2500000
6MM8 word buckle৳ 1270380
30MM9 word buckle৳ 4500000
15MM9 word buckle৳ 2500000
20MM0 word buckle৳ 2500000
8MM8 word buckle৳ 1398000
25MM9 word buckle৳ 3500000
6MM9 word buckle৳ 1424244
15MM8 word buckle৳ 1500000
15MM0 word buckle৳ 1500000
12MM9 word buckle৳ 1500000
6MM0 word buckle৳ 1268380
25MM0 word buckle৳ 2500000
25MM8 word buckle৳ 2500000
12MM0 word buckle৳ 1499500
10MM9 word buckle৳ 15998999
12MM8 word buckle৳ 1500000
8MM0 word buckle৳ 1398000
20MM9 word buckle৳ 2499500
10MM0 word buckle৳ 192999
8MM9 word buckle৳ 1300000
10MM8 word buckle৳ 126999
From China To Bangladesh
Total Quantity: 0 Product Price: 0
Approx. Weight: 0.1 grams
Shipping Method:
Shipping Charge: ৳ 0
China Domestic Delivery: 70
Product Code: abb-520659652397Total Sold: 39832278Seller Score: 9/10 Category:
colour yellow, Silver, Bronze, Rose gold, Gun black
specification 6MM0 word buckle, 6MM8 word buckle, 6MM9 word buckle, 8MM0 word buckle, 8MM8 word buckle, 8MM9 word buckle, 10MM0 word buckle, 10MM8 word buckle, 10MM9 word buckle, 12MM0 word buckle, 12MM8 word buckle, 12MM9 word buckle, 15MM0 word buckle, 15MM8 word buckle, 15MM9 word buckle, 20MM0 word buckle, 20MM8 word buckle, 20MM9 word buckle, 25MM0 word buckle, 25MM8 word buckle, 25MM9 word buckle, 30MM9 word buckle
Material metal
structure Eye button
shape Round shape
Scope of application Clothing, underwear, bra
Color coating
Brand Zhengcheng
Item No. ZC-09
Whether the source of cross-border export exclusive supply no
+88 09666-799125

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