Thicken custom baby crawling mat, baby crawling mat, moisture-proof mat, outdoor mat, children’s play blanket gift

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Colour Selected: Random pattern single side 0.5*120*90
Random pattern single side 0.5*120*90
Random pattern single side 0.5*150*90
Random pattern single side 0.5*180*90
Random pattern single side 0.5*120*180
Random pattern single side 0.5*150*180
Random pattern single side 0.5*200*180
Fruit letters + happy farm 0.5*120*180
Fruit letters + happy farm 0.5*150*180
Fruit letters + happy farm 0.5*200*180
Fruit letters + Monopoly 0.5*120*180
Fruit letters + Monopoly 0.5*150*180
Fruit letters + Monopoly 0.5*200*180
Fruit letters + castle 0.5*120*180
Fruit letters + castle 0.5*150*180
Fruit letters + castle 0.5*200*180
Cute baby elephant + animal singing park 0.5*120*180
Cute baby elephant + animal singing park 0.5*150*180
Cute baby elephant + animal singing park 0.5*200*180
Fruit letters + cartoon animals 0.5*120*180
Fruit letters + cartoon animals 0.5*150*180
Fruit letters + cartoon animals 0.5*200*180
Fruit letters + sea world 0.5*120*180
Fruit letters + sea world 0.5*150*180
Fruit letters + sea world 0.5*200*180
0.5 independent packaging bag
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Colour Random pattern single side 0.5*120*90, Random pattern single side 0.5*150*90, Random pattern single side 0.5*180*90, Random pattern single side 0.5*120*180, Random pattern single side 0.5*150*180, Random pattern single side 0.5*200*180, Fruit letters + happy farm 0.5*120*180, Fruit letters + happy farm 0.5*150*180, Fruit letters + happy farm 0.5*200*180, Fruit letters + Monopoly 0.5*120*180, Fruit letters + Monopoly 0.5*150*180, Fruit letters + Monopoly 0.5*200*180, Fruit letters + castle 0.5*120*180, Fruit letters + castle 0.5*150*180, Fruit letters + castle 0.5*200*180, Cute baby elephant + animal singing park 0.5*120*180, Cute baby elephant + animal singing park 0.5*150*180, Cute baby elephant + animal singing park 0.5*200*180, Fruit letters + cartoon animals 0.5*120*180, Fruit letters + cartoon animals 0.5*150*180, Fruit letters + cartoon animals 0.5*200*180, Fruit letters + sea world 0.5*120*180, Fruit letters + sea world 0.5*150*180, Fruit letters + sea world 0.5*200*180, 0.5 independent packaging bag
Brand Kim Pedy
Place of origin Linyi City, Shandong Province
For people Unlimited, Boy, Girl
Special function Water resistant, Keep warm, Collision avoidance, Soundproof
Whether to import Domestic
Package Bagged
Toy material EPE
Ability training Use your brain, Grasp, Vision, Interest development, Intellectual development, Senses, Emotion, Other capacity development, Hand-eye coordination, Parent-child exchange, Crawl, Interactive toys
Item No. 3600-D
Anime character Bear infested
Is there an animation image Yes
Crawling mat type Integral
Crawling mat thickness 0.5cm
Is there a shopping guide video No
Whether it is exclusively for foreign trade No
3C configuration category Plastic toys under 14
Commodity 3C authentication code 2012012203587225
Main downstream platforms wish, Amazon, AliExpress, Stand-alone station, LAZADA, ebay
Main sales area Southeast Asia, North-east Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, North America, South America
Have licensable own brand Yes
Whether cross-border export exclusive supply source Yes
Suitable age Elderly(61 or more)
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