Suitable for iphone12/7/8p tempered film Apple 6splus mobile phone film 3D full screen coverage soft edge iphoneX

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colour Selected: Bare film/white(HD)Smooth soft edges
Bare film/white(HD)Smooth soft edges
Bare film/black(HD)Smooth soft edges
Bare film/red(HD)Smooth soft edges
Bare film/white(Violet Blue)Smooth soft edges
Bare film/black(Violet Blue)Smooth soft edges
Bare film/red(Violet Blue)Smooth soft edges
With packaging/white(HD)Smooth soft edges
With packaging/black(HD)Smooth soft edges
With packaging/red(HD)Smooth soft edges
With packaging/white(Violet Blue)Smooth soft edges
With packaging/black(Violet Blue)Smooth soft edges
With packaging/red(Violet Blue)Smooth soft edges
size Price Qty
i12/12Pro-6.1 inch৳ 34Out of Stock
i11 Pro Max/6.5 inch৳ 23378739
i8 Plus/5.5 inch৳ 23177707
i11 Pro/5.8 inch৳ 23343634
IXR/6.1 inch৳ 23127912
IXS MAX/6.5 inch৳ 23149387
i7-plus 5.5 inch৳ 23249918
i7-4.7 inch৳ 23249911
i11/6.1 inch৳ 23367274
iX/XS universal 5.8 inch৳ 23152580
i12 Mini/5.4 inch৳ 34Out of Stock
i12Pro Max/6.7 inch৳ 34Out of Stock
i6Plus/6Splus-5.5 inch৳ 23249806
i6/6S-4.7 inch৳ 23249929
i8/4.7 inch৳ 23153290
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colour Bare film/white(HD)Smooth soft edges, Bare film/black(HD)Smooth soft edges, Bare film/red(HD)Smooth soft edges, Bare film/white(Violet Blue)Smooth soft edges, Bare film/black(Violet Blue)Smooth soft edges, Bare film/red(Violet Blue)Smooth soft edges, With packaging/white(HD)Smooth soft edges, With packaging/black(HD)Smooth soft edges, With packaging/red(HD)Smooth soft edges, With packaging/white(Violet Blue)Smooth soft edges, With packaging/black(Violet Blue)Smooth soft edges, With packaging/red(Violet Blue)Smooth soft edges
size i11 Pro/5.8 inch, i11/6.1 inch, i11 Pro Max/6.5 inch, i12/12Pro-6.1 inch, i12 Mini/5.4 inch, i12Pro Max/6.7 inch, iX/XS universal 5.8 inch, IXR/6.1 inch, IXS MAX/6.5 inch, i8/4.7 inch, i8 Plus/5.5 inch, i7-4.7 inch, i7-plus 5.5 inch, i6/6S-4.7 inch, i6Plus/6Splus-5.5 inch, i11, Pro/5.8 inch, Pro, Max/6.5 inch, i12, Mini/5.4 inch, i12Pro, Max/6.7 inch, IXS, MAX/6.5 inch, i8, Plus/5.5 inch
Brand Yan Ru Mo
Item No. 018
Applicable brand Apple/Apple
Material Tempered glass
Film type Anterior membrane
Film characteristics HD, Scratch resistant, Anti-reflective, Anti-fingerprint
Craft Cold carving
Origin China
Main downstream platforms ebay, Amazon, wish, AliExpress, Stand-alone station, LAZADA
Main sales area Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, North America, North-east Asia, middle East
Have licensable own brand no
Whether it is a dedicated source of cross-border export Yes
Whether the source of patent no
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