Evergrande Home Simple Laptop Desk Bed Desktop Home Movable Lazy Lifting Bedside Table

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Colour Selected: 60*40 pink
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Practical and lightweight৳ 6673483
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Approx. Weight: 300 grams
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Colour 60*40 pink, 60*40 Maple Sakuragi, 60*40 black brushed, 60*40 floral wood rain, 60*40 ivory white, 60*40 ancient oak, 60*40 bamboo and wood color, 80*40 pink, 80*40 Maple Sakura, 80*40 black brushed, 80*40 floral wood rain, 80*40 ivory white, 80*40 ancient oak, 80*40 bamboo and wood color, 80*50 pink, 80*50 Maple Sakura, 80*50 black brushed, 80*50 floral wood rain, 80*50 ivory white, 80X50cm ancient oak, 80*50 bamboo and wood color, 60*40 apple wood with card slot, 60*40 pink with card slot, 60*40 maca fruit green with card slot, 70*48 apple wood with card slot, 70*48 pink with card slot, 70*48 maca fruit green with card slot, 60*40 teak color, 80*40 teak color, Applicable pink, Applicable black, Applicable white flowers
Size Practical and lightweight
Material Plank
Item No. D9 Lift Table
Style Simple and modern
Processing methods Foundry
Model Bedside price increase table
Specification Please refer to the description for details
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