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LED-65【HD】৳ 3298510000
LED-50【Explosion-proof tempered ultra-thin】৳ 1789610000
LED-32【Clearance】৳ 80719967
LED-32 ultra-clear voice intelligent network৳ 11931Out of Stock
LED-50【Curved surface】৳ 175459996
LED-32【Curved surface】৳ 114059998
LED-80【Tyrant gold ultra-thin】৳ 4351210000
LED-90【4K explosion-proof tempered ultra-thin【Online version】৳ 71935Out of Stock
LED-30【HD】৳ 80719983
LED-75【Tyrant gold ultra-thin】৳ 4000310000
LED-50【Clearance】৳ 1368610000
LED-70【Explosion-proof tempered ultra-thin】৳ 364949999
LED-24【HD】৳ 57909958
LED-55【HD】৳ 2017710000
LED-55【Explosion-proof tempered ultra-thin】৳ 224589989
LED-42【HD】৳ 131599993
LED-55【Tyrant gold ultra-thin】৳ 2245810000
LED-42【Tyrant gold ultra-thin】৳ 1719510000
LED-55【4K curved surface tempered ultra-thin intelligent network৳ 33336Out of Stock
LED-55【4K ultra-clear voice intelligent network৳ 23686Out of Stock
LED-60【HD】৳ 2772210000
LED-32【One-line screen】৳ 71949998
LED-55【Curved surface】৳ 2544110000
LED-42【Ultra-clear voice intelligent network৳ 15791Out of Stock
LED-32【Explosion-proof tempered ultra-thin】৳ 12282Out of Stock
LED-75【Explosion-proof tempered ultra-thin】৳ 4561710000
LED-26【HD】৳ 61419988
LED-60【4K curved surface tempered ultra-thin intelligent network৳ 40003Out of Stock
LED-70【Tyrant gold ultra-thin】৳ 3772210000
LED-60【Explosion-proof tempered ultra-thin】৳ 3158110000
LED-42【First line】৳ 103529995
LED-50 ultra-clear voice intelligent network৳ 17195Out of Stock
LED-42【Clearance】৳ 115809983
LED-46【HD】৳ 136869998
LED-55【Clearance】৳ 1649310000
LED-42【Explosion-proof tempered ultra-thin】৳ 178969997
LED-50【HD】৳ 1491410000
LED-42【Curved surface】৳ 1666810000
LED-32【Tyrant gold ultra-thin】৳ 1210710000
LED-32【HD】৳ 91249987
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Total Quantity: 0 Product Price: 0
Approx. Weight: 300 grams
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Shipping Charge: ৳ 0
China Domestic Delivery: 70
Product Code: abb-556625647280Total Sold: 4498Seller Score: 10/10 Category:
Colour TV version, Online version
Screen size LED-24【HD】, LED-26【HD】, LED-30【HD】, LED-32【One-line screen】, LED-32【Clearance】, LED-32【HD】, LED-32【Curved surface】, LED-32 ultra-clear voice intelligent network, LED-32【Tyrant gold ultra-thin】, LED-32【Explosion-proof tempered ultra-thin】, LED-42【First line】, LED-42【Clearance】, LED-42【HD】, LED-42【Curved surface】, LED-42【Ultra-clear voice intelligent network, LED-42【Tyrant gold ultra-thin】, LED-42【Explosion-proof tempered ultra-thin】, LED-46【HD】, LED-50【Clearance】, LED-50【HD】, LED-50【Curved surface】, LED-50 ultra-clear voice intelligent network, LED-50【Explosion-proof tempered ultra-thin】, LED-55【Clearance】, LED-55【HD】, LED-55【Curved surface】, LED-55【4K ultra-clear voice intelligent network, LED-55【Tyrant gold ultra-thin】, LED-55【Explosion-proof tempered ultra-thin】, LED-55【4K curved surface tempered ultra-thin intelligent network, LED-60【HD】, LED-60【Explosion-proof tempered ultra-thin】, LED-60【4K curved surface tempered ultra-thin intelligent network, LED-65【HD】, LED-70【Tyrant gold ultra-thin】, LED-70【Explosion-proof tempered ultra-thin】, LED-75【Tyrant gold ultra-thin】, LED-75【Explosion-proof tempered ultra-thin】, LED-80【Tyrant gold ultra-thin】, LED-90【4K explosion-proof tempered ultra-thin【Online version】
Brand Respectful trump card
Model Many kinds
Item No. 0000
Time to market 2017
TV type Slim TV(Less than 20mm)
Supply category Spot goods
Panel type ADSDS Super Screen
Screen ratio Widescreen 16:9
Processing methods OEM
Print LOGO Can
Interface Type USB, HDMI, AV, VGA
Brightness 800cd/m2
Scanning method Line-by-line scan
Highest resolution 1366*768
After-sales service Nationwide warranty
Operating system Android
Additional features USB media playback
Nominal contrast 10000:1
City Service Home delivery from sellers in the same city
Best viewing distance 2m (inclusive)-2.4m (inclusive)
Package dimensions 19-85 inch
Energy efficiency rating Level 3
Network connection Both wired and wireless support
Refresh rate 50Hz
Number of speakers 2 pcs
Receiving system PAL
Certificate Number 2018010808073996
Fastest shipping time 1-3 days
Whether to support drop shipping Support
Logistics Services Delivery
Bill Provide invoice
Packing list 32
Gross weight According to demand
Operating Voltage(V) 220
Certificate type CQC certification
Power(W) 60
Internal storage space Other
Video display format 1080p
Number of HDMI ports 2 pcs
3D type Without
TV size with stand 1056mmx240mmx684.8mm
Display size without base 890*520MM
Stacking layer limit 10 floors
Backlight type LED light emitting diode
Shipping logistics company SF, Debon Logistics
3C certificate number 2018010808073996
Full screen size with frame According to demand
+88 09666-799125

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