Applicable for Apple 6/7 Android mobile phone headset in-ear subwoofer wire control with wheat earplugs factory direct approval

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colour Selected: 6th generation headset with microphone
144 series i5 charging cable
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colour 6th generation headset with microphone, Universal version can +-volume with microphone, Type-c copper ring earphone, Type-c white porcelain headphones, Copper ring, universal heavy bass, good sound quality, 7th generation 8th generation Bluetooth, Silicon microphone universal headset, Color universal type, Three-generation Bluetooth pop-up window, Copper ring heavy bass, 144 series i5 charging cable, Black net, no wheat, no after-sales, Black mesh with wheat not after sale, 10 bags for earphones, Blue mesh with wheat earphones, Universal version can +— volume with microphone, Black net without wheat, Not after sale, Boutique with wheat earphones, Universal universal copper ring heavy bass, 2A Android charging cable, Copper ring speaker, heavy bass, good sound quality, 144 series charging cable, TYPE-C LeTV Headphone, Color intelligent universal type, Pack 10 earphone bags, With silencer effect, Universal universal middle hole copper ring heavy bass, S4 Android headset, 7th generation 8th generation bluetooth headset, Pingguo edition color, Black mesh with wheat
Brand Xing Xinhui
Item No. 00332211
model 01122
Appearance type In-ear
Technology category Capacitive
Delivery method wired
Sensitivity 118
Line length 1.2
Whether original Assembly
Compatible platform other
Main downstream platforms wish, Amazon, AliExpress, ebay
Main sales area Southeast Asia, North-east Asia, middle East, Africa, Europe, South America, North America
Have licensable own brand Yes
Whether it is a source of exclusive supply for cross-border export Yes
Support customization stand by
+88 09666-799125

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