Natural freshwater pearl loose beads near round real pearl DIY jewelry accessories handmade beaded material pearl wholesale

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Colour Selected: Natural orange pink
Natural orange pink
Size Price Qty
4-5mm/strip is not very round(About 95)৳ 394864
3-3.5mm/piece, egg shape৳ 600Out of Stock
2.5-3mm punch strong light৳ 68522
8-9mm round, about 52৳ 128551
7-8mm/piece, about 39 cm, the quality can be৳ 942Out of Stock
6-7mm/piece(About 60)৳ 6659786
10-11mm about 40 pieces of general quality৳ 771Out of Stock
2-3mm flat beads৳ 273Out of Stock
5-6mm(About 60)৳ 6009581
9-10mm/piece(About 47)৳ 1113Out of Stock
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Approx. Weight: 1 grams
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China Domestic Delivery: 70
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Brand Butterfly shell
Colour Natural orange pink, Natural milky white, Natural lavender
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Size 2-3mm flat beads, 2.5-3mm punch strong light, 3-3.5mm/piece, egg shape, 4-5mm/strip is not very round(About 95), 5-6mm(About 60), 6-7mm/piece(About 60), 7-8mm/piece, about 39 cm, the quality can be, 8-9mm round, about 52, 9-10mm/piece(About 47), 10-11mm about 40 pieces of general quality, 3-3.5mm/piece, Egg shape, 7-8mm/piece, Approximately 39 cm, Quality can, 8-9mm round a little, About 52, 10-11mm, About 40, General quality
Item No. Natural freshwater round beads
Product name Natural freshwater pearl loose beads
Style Scattered beads
Pearl classification Freshwater Pearls
Sort by color Natural white, Pink, Purple
After-sales service Pay three for one fake
Certificate of authenticity No certificate
Pearl diameter 2-11mm
Product Types Freshwater Pearls
Listing year/season Summer 2021
Whether cross-border supply Yes
Series Round beads
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