Cross-border new F9 F9-5C with power display digital display touch wireless 5.1 binaural Bluetooth headset TWS factory

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Colour Selected: F9-5C lamp black
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Cross-border৳ 41151931
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Approx. Weight: 120 grams
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Types of Cross-border
Brand Yaqian Tsubaki
Item No. F9-5, , F9, F9-5C, SK1
Transmission range 10 meters
Function Power display, Call function, NFC function, Voice control, Support music, Multipoint connection
Custom processing Yes
Print LOGO Can
Bluetooth protocol 5.1
Soundtrack Stereo
How to use Earplug
Whether single or double ear Bilateral stereo
Occasions for gifts Wedding, Birthday, Festival, Housewarming, Fair, Advertising promotion, Employee Benefits, Anniversary celebration, Business gift, Opening ceremony, Commemorative award, Public relations planning
Whether the source of cross-border export exclusive supply No
Support customization Support
Whether the source of patent No
Mold type Private model
Chip type Jerry
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