Mineral water, wine bottle, Moutai, vodka, diy resin accessories, car decoration, wine bottle, diy mobile phone case accessories

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colour Selected: No. 1: Round-A dark blue
No. 1: Round-A dark blue
No. 1: Round-B Evian
No. 1: Round-C blue
No. 2: Square-A dark blue
No. 2: Square-B Evian
No. 2: Square-C blue
No. 3: Kweichow Moutai
No. 5: Korean Sake*Green
No. 5: German Beer-Coffee
No. 5: Korean rice wine*white
Number 4: Vodka(ordinary)
Number 4: Vodka(With sheep eyes)
Small yogurt bottle*Big red
Small yogurt bottle*green
Small Yogurt Bottle*Lake Blue
Small yogurt bottle*light powder
Small yogurt bottle*Peach red
Three-dimensional Coke Bottle*Bright Red(A with sheep eyes)
Three-dimensional Coke Bottle*Bright Red(B normal)
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Three-dimensional bottle৳ 6985838
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colour No. 1: Round-A dark blue, No. 1: Round-B Evian, No. 1: Round-C blue, No. 2: Square-A dark blue, No. 2: Square-B Evian, No. 2: Square-C blue, No. 3: Kweichow Moutai, No. 5: Korean Sake*Green, No. 5: German Beer-Coffee, No. 5: Korean rice wine*white, Number 4: Vodka(ordinary), Number 4: Vodka(With sheep eyes), No. 6: Wuliangye(Transparent), No. 6: Wuliangye(Solid white), No. 7: Thai Elephant Soda, No. 8: Olive oil, No. 99: New Milk Bottle*Red, No. 9: New Milk Bottle*Blue, Small yogurt bottle*Big red, Small yogurt bottle*green, Small Yogurt Bottle*Lake Blue, Small yogurt bottle*light powder, Small yogurt bottle*Peach red, Three-dimensional Coke Bottle*Bright Red(A with sheep eyes), Three-dimensional Coke Bottle*Bright Red(B normal), Lotus liquor
model Three-dimensional bottle
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