Xiaomi K30 red rice note8pro Xiaomi 9 mobile phone film note9 tempered film K40 second strong 11 youth applicable

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colour Selected: Full screen screen printing top two-bare film(Send dry and wet packs)
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Redmi NOTE7/NOTE7pro black৳ 21199208
Xiaomi 5X White৳ 21199876
Redmi note8T black৳ 21199385
Redmi note9 black 5G version৳ 21198450
Redmi note6/Xiaomi 8 youth black৳ 21199847
Redmi note10pro black৳ 21199230
Xiaomi 11 Youth Black৳ 21169307
Redmi 6/6A black৳ 21199861
Xiaomi 8SE black৳ 21199831
Redmi 10X Black 4G Version৳ 21176011
Redmi 9 black৳ 21146806
Xiaomi CC9E black৳ 21199349
Redmi K30/K30pro black৳ 21905
K40/K40pro black৳ 21154412
Redmi note10 black৳ 21199270
Red rice note5 white৳ 21199848
Xiaomi 8 black৳ 21199165
Xiaomi 10Tlite black৳ 21184351
Redmi 7A black৳ 21184374
Xiaomi 9lite black৳ 21199892
Redmi note8 black৳ 21178246
Red rice 8 black৳ 21194738
Xiaomi 10 Youth Black৳ 21198672
Mi 6X White৳ 21199899
Xiaomi 9pro black৳ 21184392
Xiaomi mix3 black৳ 21199871
Xiaomi 10T black৳ 21184332
Redmi note9pro black৳ 21186886
Redmi note8pro black৳ 21189110
Redmi note9S black৳ 21197282
Xiaomi 6X black৳ 21199888
Redmi 7 black৳ 21199923
Redmi 10X Black 5G Version৳ 21194267
Redmi 9C/Redmi 9A black৳ 21172078
Redmi K20/K20pro black৳ 21197442
Xiaomi CC9/Xiaomi 9/9X black৳ 21197826
Xiaomi 10Tpro black৳ 21199246
Redmi note9 black 4G version৳ 21121863
Xiaomi mix2 black৳ 21199844
Xiaomi 9SE black৳ 21199857
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colour Full screen screen printing top two-bare film(Send dry and wet packs), Full screen screen printing top two-boxed
size Redmi K30/K30pro black, Redmi note9 black 4G version, Redmi 9 black, K40/K40pro black, Xiaomi 11 Youth Black, Redmi 9C/Redmi 9A black, Redmi note8 black, Redmi note8pro black, Redmi note9pro black, Xiaomi CC9/Xiaomi 9/9X black, Redmi note10 black, Xiaomi 10Tpro black, Redmi note9 black 5G version, Redmi NOTE7/NOTE7pro black, Redmi 7 black, Redmi 6/6A black, Red rice note5 white, Xiaomi 9SE black, Redmi note6/Xiaomi 8 youth black, Xiaomi 8SE black, Xiaomi 8 black, Mi 6X White, Xiaomi 6X black, Xiaomi mix3 black, Xiaomi mix2 black, Xiaomi 5X White, Xiaomi 10 Youth Black, Redmi 10X Black 4G Version, Redmi 10X Black 5G Version, Xiaomi 9lite black, Redmi note8T black, Red rice 8 black, Redmi note10pro black, Redmi 7A black, Xiaomi 10T black, Xiaomi 10Tlite black, Redmi K20/K20pro black, Redmi note9S black, Xiaomi CC9E black, Xiaomi 9pro black, Xiaomi mix3, black
Suggested retail price ¥35.00
Brand Gu Xian
Item No. 00083
Applicable brand MIUI/Xiaomi
Material Tempered glass
Film type Anterior membrane
Film characteristics Mirror, HD, Color film, Scratch resistant, Anti-reflective, Anti-fingerprint, Auto repair
Craft Machining
Origin Shenzhen
Main downstream platforms ebay, Amazon, wish, AliExpress, Stand-alone station, LAZADA
Main sales area Africa, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, North America, North-east Asia, middle East
Whether it is a source of exclusive supply for cross-border export Yes
Whether the source of patent no
+88 09666-799125

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