The new round head magnetic data cable three-in-one support data + QC3.0 fast charging 3A flash charging magnetic charging cable

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Model Selected: Black 1 meter noodle(Without head)
Black 1 meter noodle(Without head)
Red 1 meter noodle(Without head)
Silver 1 meter noodle(Without head)
Blue 1 meter noodle(Without head)
Black 2 meter noodle(Without head)
Red 2 meter noodle(Without head)
Silver 2 meter noodle(Without head)
Blue 2 meter noodle(Without head)
Black 1 meter(Line + three heads)
Red 1 meter(Line + three heads)
Silver 1 meter(Line + three heads)
Blue 1 meter(Line + three heads)
Black 2 meters(Line + three heads)
Red 2 meters(Line + three heads)
Silver 2 meters(Line + three heads)
Blue 2 meters(Line + three heads)
0.5m black separate line
0.5 m red separate line
0.5m silver separate wire
Android single head(White)
Apple single head(White)
TYPE-C single head(White)
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Approx. Weight: 30 grams
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Model Black 1 meter noodle(Without head), Red 1 meter noodle(Without head), Silver 1 meter noodle(Without head), Blue 1 meter noodle(Without head), Black 2 meter noodle(Without head), Red 2 meter noodle(Without head), Silver 2 meter noodle(Without head), Blue 2 meter noodle(Without head), Black 1 meter(Line + three heads), Red 1 meter(Line + three heads), Silver 1 meter(Line + three heads), Blue 1 meter(Line + three heads), Black 2 meters(Line + three heads), Red 2 meters(Line + three heads), Silver 2 meters(Line + three heads), Blue 2 meters(Line + three heads), 0.5m black separate line, 0.5 m red separate line, 0.5m silver separate wire, Android single head(White), Apple single head(White), TYPE-C single head(White), Black, 1 meter noodle(Without head), Red, Silver, Blue, 2 meter noodles(Without head), 1 meter(Line + three heads), 2 meters(Line + three heads), 0.5 meters, Black separate line, Red separate line, Silver separate line, Android, Single head(White), Apple, TYPE-C
Brand SUNPHG/Shang Ge
Item No. MALT12
Interface 8PIN, Micro, USB, TYPE-C
Length 1m
Applicable models Universal
Number of taps One for three
Main downstream platforms ebay, Amazon, wish, AliExpress, Stand-alone station, LAZADA
Main sales area Africa, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, North America, North-east Asia, Middle East
Have licensable own brand Yes
Whether it is a source of exclusive supply for cross-border export Yes
Support customization Support
Whether the source of patent No
Feature Magnetic
Length selection 1 meter, 2 meters
Selection of color Black, red, silver, blue
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