CPE frosted zipper bag underwear clothing packaging bag pe ziplock bag plastic packaging bag spot clothing zipper bag

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Plastic bag size Selected: Spot
Double thickness Price Qty
28*35CM 16 wire৳ 79999412
20*28CM 16 wire৳ 49884217
55*68CM 20 wire৳ 34200
15.5*77CM16 silk long section৳ 91000
14*20CM 16 wire৳ 39552168
25*30CM 16 wire৳ 69944859
30*40CM 16 wire৳ 89998177
Customized special shots, contact and change shipping costs৳ 29164210
17*25CM 16 wire৳ 49604022
18*20*CM 16 wire৳ 49846430
20*20CM16 wire৳ 4640
35*45CM 16 wire৳ 99938700
20*15CM16 silk horizontal version৳ 3958800
17.5*13.5CM horizontal version৳ 41900
13*15CM 16 wire৳ 28530991
15*15CM16 wire৳ 310000000
From China To Bangladesh
Total Quantity: 0 Product Price: 0
Approx. Weight: 45 grams
Shipping Method:
Shipping Charge: ৳ 0 See exceptional charges*
China Domestic Delivery: 70
Product Code: abb-593707799298Total Sold: 4652123Seller Score: 9/10 Category:
Plastic bag size Spot, Spot(cm)
Double thickness 13*15CM 16 wire, 14*20CM 16 wire, 18*20*CM 16 wire, 17*25CM 16 wire, 20*28CM 16 wire, 25*30CM 16 wire, 28*35CM 16 wire, 30*40CM 16 wire, 35*45CM 16 wire, Customized special shots, contact and change shipping costs, 55*68CM 20 wire, 15.5*77CM16 silk long section, 20*20CM16 wire, 20*15CM16 silk horizontal version, 17.5*13.5CM horizontal version, 15*15CM16 wire, 13*15CM, 16 silk, 14*20CM, 18*20*CM, 17*25CM, 20*28CM, 25*30CM, 28*35CM, 30*40CM, 35*45CM, Customized shots, Take a good contact and change the freight, 55*68CM, 20 silk, 15.5*77CM16 wire, Long, 15*15CM16 wire(mm)
Origin Guangdong Dongguan
Whether to import no
Supply type customizable
Item No. 0006
Custom processing Yes
Print LOGO can
Plastic varieties CPE matte material
Ratio of pure material to recycled material 100% new material
Craft Earnestly, Gravure
Load-bearing 1000(g)
Packaging level Sales packaging/terminal packaging
use Bedding bag, gift bag, Storage bag, Ziplock bag, Cosmetic bag, Clothing bag, Courier bag, Mobile phone packaging bag, Logistics Packaging, Clothing packaging, Digital packaging
colour White, white, Many kinds
Self-respect 0.33
specification custom made
Brand Rong Chuang
Whether it is a source of exclusive supply for cross-border export no
error 0.01
+88 09666-799125

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