EOR R3S Universal In-Ear Headphones K Song Mobile Computer Subwoofer Wired Control With Wheat Metal Earphone Wheat

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Colour Selected: R3S red【Round head】+Clamp【Bagged】
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Colour R3S red【Round head】+Clamp【Bagged】, R3S black【Round head】+Clamp【Bagged】, R3S blue【Round head】+Clamp【Bagged】, R3S silver【Round head】+Clamp, R3S red【Type-c header】+Clamp【Bagged】, R3S black【【Type-c header】】+Clamp【Bagged】, R3S blue【【Type-c header】】+Clamp【Bagged】, R3S, Red【Round head】+Clamp【Bagged】, Black【Round head】+Clamp【Bagged】, Blue【Round head】+Clamp【Bagged】, Silver【Round head】+Clamp, Red【Type-c header】+Clamp【Bagged】, Black【【Type-c header】】+Clamp【Bagged】, Blue【【Type-c header】】+Clamp【Bagged】
Brand EOR
Item No. R3S
Model R3S
Appearance type Earplug
Technology category Capacitive
Delivery method Wired
Sensitivity 108(dB)
Line length 120(cm)
Whether it is original Original
Compatible platform ANDROID
Whether it is a source of exclusive supply for cross-border export No
Support customization Support
+88 09666-799125

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