Type-c earphone Xiaomi 8 in-ear 9/6x universal note3 mix2/3 nine se nut black shark earphone

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colour Selected: VPB/TP-C black【Bagged】【metal】
VPB/TP-C black【Boxed】【metal】
VPB/TP-C red【Boxed】【metal】
VPB/TP-C silver【Boxed】【metal】
VPB/TP-C pink【Boxed】【metal】
VPB/TP-C black【Ear cap + wire clip】【Bagged】【plastic】
VPB/TP-C red【plastic】
VPB/TP-C silver【Bagged】【plastic】
VPB/TP-C gold【Boxed】【metal】
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colour VPB/TP-C black【Bagged】【metal】, VPB/TP-C red【Bagged】【metal】, VPB/TP-C gold【Bagged】【metal】, VPB/TP-C silver【Bagged】【metal】, VPB/TP-C pink【Bagged】【metal】, VPB/TP-C black【Boxed】【metal】, VPB/TP-C red【Boxed】【metal】, VPB/TP-C silver【Boxed】【metal】, VPB/TP-C pink【Boxed】【metal】, VPB/TP-C black【Ear cap + wire clip】【Bagged】【plastic】, VPB/TP-C red【plastic】, VPB/TP-C silver【Bagged】【plastic】, VPB/TP-C gold【Boxed】【metal】
Brand EOR
Item No. 11111
model VPBS/tp-c
Appearance type In-ear
Technology category Moving coil
Delivery method wired
Sensitivity 108(dB)
Line length 120(cm)
Whether it is original Original
Compatible platform ANDROID
Whether it is a source of exclusive supply for cross-border export no
Support customization stand by
+88 09666-799125

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