Suitable for Samsung s8 diamond film s9 hydraulic film s10 full screen note9 full coverage s7edge curved TPU soft film

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Colour Selected: Diamond Invisible Soft Film(Bare film to send dry and wet packs
Diamond Invisible Soft Film(Bare film to send dry and wet packs
Diamond Invisible Soft Film(With packaging)
Size Price Qty
Huawei Mate30 PRO৳ 30576919
Samsung S7 Edge৳ 30711656
Huawei P40 PRO(new model)৳ 30751817
Samsung NOTE9৳ 30698316
Samsung NOTE8৳ 30667617
Samsung S9 PLUS৳ 30657021
OPPO Reno3 Pro/Reno4 PRO two sizes are common৳ 30547914
VIVO X50 PRO(new model)৳ 30555702
Samsung S10 E৳ 30416949
Samsung S21 Plus৳ 30510926
Samsung NOTE10৳ 30641459
Huawei Nova7 Pro(new model)৳ 30695460
Huawei P30৳ 30578342
Samsung S6 Edge৳ 30712962
Huawei Nova8৳ 30699968
Samsung NOTE10 RPO৳ 30695367
Samsung S21৳ 30333292
Huawei Mate40 PRO(new model)৳ 30573482
Huawei Nova8 Pro৳ 30723726
Samsung NOTE20৳ 30644304
Samsung S10 PLUS৳ 30477298
Huawei mate20 PRO৳ 30763069
VIVO NEX3(new model)৳ 30554804
Samsung S8৳ 30532057
Samsung S9৳ 30590495
Huawei P40৳ 30583138
Samsung S21 Ultra৳ 30516749
Xiaomi 11/11pro৳ 30591784
Samsung S10৳ 30649038
OPPO Reno5 pro৳ 30546651
Huawei P30 PRO৳ 30729531
Samsung S8 PLUS৳ 30559012
Huawei Honor 30 Pro৳ 30580697
OPPO-FindX৳ 30593493
Samsung NOTE20 Ultra৳ 30714366
S20/6.2 inch৳ 30435593
S20 Ultra/6.9 inch৳ 30530552
Mi 10 / Mi 10 Pro(new model)৳ 30588350
Samsung S10(5G)৳ 30465559
S20 Plus/6.7 inch৳ 30486778
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Approx. Weight: 10 grams
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Shipping Charge: ৳ 0
China Domestic Delivery: 70
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Applicable brand Samsung/Samsung
Function HD
Size Samsung s21, Samsung S10, Samsung S10 PLUS, Samsung S10(5G), Samsung S10 E, Samsung S21, Samsung S21 Plus, Samsung S21 Ultra, S20/6.2 inch, S20 Plus/6.7 inch, S20 Ultra/6.9 inch, Samsung S8, Samsung S8 PLUS, Samsung S9, Samsung S9 PLUS, Samsung NOTE8, Samsung NOTE9, Samsung NOTE10, Samsung NOTE20, Samsung NOTE10 RPO, Samsung NOTE20 Ultra, Samsung S6 Edge, Samsung S7 Edge, Huawei Nova7 Pro(new model), Huawei Nova8, Huawei Nova8 Pro, Huawei P30 PRO, Huawei P40 PRO(new model), Huawei mate20 PRO, Huawei Mate30 PRO, Huawei Mate40 PRO(new model), Huawei Honor 30 Pro, Huawei P30, Huawei P40, Mi 10 / Mi 10 Pro(new model), Xiaomi 11/11pro, OPPO Reno3 Pro/Reno4 PRO two sizes are common, OPPO Reno5 pro, OPPO-FindX, VIVO X50 PRO(new model), VIVO NEX3(new model), PLUS, E, Plus, Ultra, S20, Plus/6.7 inch, Ultra/6.9 inch, RPO, Samsung S6, Edge, Samsung S7, Huawei Nova7, Pro(new model), Pro, PRO, PRO(new model), Huawei mate20, Huawei Mate30, Huawei Mate40, Huawei Honor 30, Xiaomi 10/Xiaomi 10, OPPO, Reno3, Pro/Reno4, PRO two sizes are common, Reno5, pro, VIVO, X50, NEX3(new model)
Colour Diamond Invisible Soft Film(Bare film to send dry and wet packs, Diamond Invisible Soft Film(With packaging)
Brand Without
Item No. 266
Material TPU
Film type Anterior membrane
Film characteristics HD, Scratch resistant, Anti-reflective, Anti-fingerprint, Auto repair
Craft Die cutting
Origin Guangdong
Main downstream platforms ebay, Amazon, wish, AliExpress, Stand-alone station, LAZADA
Main sales area Africa, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, North America, North-east Asia, Middle East
Have licensable own brand No
Whether it is a source of exclusive supply for cross-border export Yes
Whether the source of patent No
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