Second generation, third generation, fourth generation inpods12 Macaron Bluetooth headset i7 i9s i12 TWS wireless headset

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colour Selected: Air15 tws【white】
inpods12-frosted white
inpods12-frosted black
inpods12-peach powder
inpods12-sky blue
inpods12-lemon yellow
inpods12-Matcha Green
inpods12-dark blue
inpods12-frosted gray
inpods12-frosted red
Pro4 high configuration-white
i7 high configuration-white
i9 high configuration-white
i12 high configuration-white
Pro5s color order remarks
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colour Air15 tws【white】, Air15 tws【black】, Air15 tws【Scarlet】, Air15 tws【Pink】, Air15 tws【Dark blue】, Air15 tws【Light green】, Three generations of macaron-white, Three generations of macaron-black, Three generations of macaron-green, Three generations of macaron-blue, Three generations of macaron-pink, Three generations of macaron-yellow, inpods12-frosted white, inpods12-frosted black, inpods12-peach powder, inpods12-sky blue, inpods12-lemon yellow, inpods12-Matcha Green, inpods12-dark blue, inpods12-frosted gray, inpods12-frosted red, Pro4 high configuration-white, i7 high configuration-white, i9 high configuration-white, i12 high configuration-white, Pro5s color order remarks
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