MDF sealing strip card strip 18mm edge banding strip wood office desk soft furniture u-shaped edging strip pvc buckle

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Specification Selected: UCQ-01 white 7*6 card 2-3mm
UCQ-01 white 7*6 card 2-3mm
UCQ-02 black 7*6 card 2-3mm
UCQ-03 gray 7*6 card 2-3mm
UCQ-04 red brown 7*6 card 2-3mm
UCQ-05 gray 8*7 card 4-5mm
UCQ-06 white 8*7 card 4-5mm
UCQ-07 black 8*7 card 4-5mm
UCQ-08 gray 8*7 card 4-5mm
UCQ-09 red brown 8*7 card 4-5mm
UCQ-10 red 10*6 card 6.5-7.5mm
UCQ-11 yellow 10*7 card 5-6mm
UCQ-12 black 14*10 card 8.5-9.5mm
UCQ-13 yellow 11*5.5 card 7-8mm
UCQ-14 yellow 11*6 card 6.5-7.5mm
UCQ-15 beige 12*6 card 8-9mm
UCQ-16 white 12*6 card 8-9mm
UCQ-17 black 12*6 card 8-9mm
UCQ-18 gray 12*6 card 8-9mm
UCQ-19 red brown 12*6 card 8-9mm
UCQ-20 black 14*5 card 9-10mm
UCQ-21 white 14*5 card 9-10mm
UCQ-22 blue 14*5 card 9-10mm
UCQ-23 white 14*8 card 9.5-10.5mm
UCQ-24 black 14*10 card 10mm
UCQ25 yellow card 8.5-9.5mm
UCQ26 orange card 8.5-9.5mm
UCQ-27 brown card 8-9mm
UCQ-28 white card 11-12mm
UCQ-29 black card 11-12mm
UCQ-30 gray card 11-12mm
UCQ-31 red brown card 11-12mm
UCQ-32 black card 12-13mm
UCQ-33 green card 11-12mm
UCQ-34 white card 15-16mm
UCQ-35 black card 15-16mm
UCQ-36 gray card 15-16mm
UCQ-37 brown card 15-16mm
UCQ-38 green card 15mm
UCQ-39 green card 17mm
UCQ-40 green card 18mm
UCQ-41 white card 17-18mm
UCQ-42 black card 17-18mm
UCQ-43 gray card 17-18mm
UCQ-44 red brown card 17*18mm
UCQ-45 white card 19-21mm
UCQ-46 black card 30-31mm
UCQ-47 black card 3mm
UCQ-48 black card 8-9mm
UCQ-49 black card 7-8mm
UCQ-50 ginger yellow card 7-8mm
UCQ-51 black card 39-40mm
UCQ-52 white card 71-72mm
UCQ-53 black card 34-35mm
UCQ-54 white card 52-53mm
UCQ-55 black card 2mm
UCQ-56 black card 8-9mm
UCQ-57 gray card 3mm
UCQ-58 black card 3-4mm
UCQ-59 white card 3-5mm
UCQ-60 black card 8mm
UCQ-61 black card 25mm
UCQ-62 black card 39-40mm
UCQ-11 black card 5-6mm
Transparent glue
UCQ-63 gray card 9-10mm
UCQ-11 black ternary card 5-6mm
UCQ-64 black card 6-7mm
UCQ-65 Plum Red Card 9-10mm
UCQ-66 black card 11-12mm
UCQ-67 red groove width 3mm
UCQ-68 gray card 30-31mm
UCQ-69 white card 10mm
UCQ-70 white card 11mm
UCQ-71 black 6*33 card 27mm
UCQ-72 black card 9-10mm
UCQ-45 black 25*7 card 19-21mm
UCQ-73 black card 8-9mm
UCQ-74 Blue Card 40-41
UCQ-75 black card 22mm
UCQ-76 black card 30-31mm
UCQ-45 brown card 19-21mm
UCQ-77 black card 3-4mm
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Specification UCQ-01 white 7*6 card 2-3mm, UCQ-02 black 7*6 card 2-3mm, UCQ-03 gray 7*6 card 2-3mm, UCQ-04 red brown 7*6 card 2-3mm, UCQ-05 gray 8*7 card 4-5mm, UCQ-06 white 8*7 card 4-5mm, UCQ-07 black 8*7 card 4-5mm, UCQ-08 gray 8*7 card 4-5mm, UCQ-09 red brown 8*7 card 4-5mm, UCQ-10 red 10*6 card 6.5-7.5mm, UCQ-11 yellow 10*7 card 5-6mm, UCQ-12 black 14*10 card 8.5-9.5mm, UCQ-13 yellow 11*5.5 card 7-8mm, UCQ-14 yellow 11*6 card 6.5-7.5mm, UCQ-15 beige 12*6 card 8-9mm, UCQ-16 white 12*6 card 8-9mm, UCQ-17 black 12*6 card 8-9mm, UCQ-18 gray 12*6 card 8-9mm, UCQ-19 red brown 12*6 card 8-9mm, UCQ-20 black 14*5 card 9-10mm, UCQ-21 white 14*5 card 9-10mm, UCQ-22 blue 14*5 card 9-10mm, UCQ-23 white 14*8 card 9.5-10.5mm, UCQ-24 black 14*10 card 10mm, UCQ25 yellow card 8.5-9.5mm, UCQ26 orange card 8.5-9.5mm, UCQ-27 brown card 8-9mm, UCQ-28 white card 11-12mm, UCQ-29 black card 11-12mm, UCQ-30 gray card 11-12mm, UCQ-31 red brown card 11-12mm, UCQ-32 black card 12-13mm, UCQ-33 green card 11-12mm, UCQ-34 white card 15-16mm, UCQ-35 black card 15-16mm, UCQ-36 gray card 15-16mm, UCQ-37 brown card 15-16mm, UCQ-38 green card 15mm, UCQ-39 green card 17mm, UCQ-40 green card 18mm, UCQ-41 white card 17-18mm, UCQ-42 black card 17-18mm, UCQ-43 gray card 17-18mm, UCQ-44 red brown card 17*18mm, UCQ-45 white card 19-21mm, UCQ-46 black card 30-31mm, UCQ-47 black card 3mm, UCQ-48 black card 8-9mm, UCQ-49 black card 7-8mm, UCQ-50 ginger yellow card 7-8mm, UCQ-51 black card 39-40mm, UCQ-52 white card 71-72mm, UCQ-53 black card 34-35mm, UCQ-54 white card 52-53mm, UCQ-55 black card 2mm, UCQ-56 black card 8-9mm, UCQ-57 gray card 3mm, UCQ-58 black card 3-4mm, UCQ-59 white card 3-5mm, UCQ-60 black card 8mm, UCQ-61 black card 25mm, UCQ-62 black card 39-40mm, UCQ-11 black card 5-6mm, Transparent glue, UCQ-63 gray card 9-10mm, UCQ-11 black ternary card 5-6mm, UCQ-64 black card 6-7mm, UCQ-65 Plum Red Card 9-10mm, UCQ-66 black card 11-12mm, UCQ-67 red groove width 3mm, UCQ-68 gray card 30-31mm, UCQ-69 white card 10mm, UCQ-70 white card 11mm, UCQ-71 black 6*33 card 27mm, UCQ-72 black card 9-10mm, UCQ-45 black 25*7 card 19-21mm, UCQ-73 black card 8-9mm, UCQ-74 Blue Card 40-41, UCQ-75 black card 22mm, UCQ-76 black card 30-31mm, UCQ-45 brown card 19-21mm, UCQ-77 black card 3-4mm
Whether to import No
Material Rubber
Is it a standard part Non-standard parts
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