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Specification Selected: 7 fork eucalyptus
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Specification 7 fork eucalyptus, 7-pronged little eucalyptus, 7 fork big eucalyptus, 7-pitch Persian grass, 7-pronged waterweed, 7 fork 49 mesh Persian leaves, 5-prong three-layer grass, 5-prong four-leaf clover green, 5 fork four-leaf clover white, 5 fork four-leaf clover yellow, 5 forks Lysimachia, 5-prong small chrysanthemum green, 5 fork small chrysanthemum white, 5 fork small chrysanthemum yellow, 5 prongs of rose leaves, 5 forks lavender purple, 5 forks lavender red lotus, 5 forks lavender yellow, 5 forks lavender green and white, 5 fork imitation pine cone red lotus, 5 forks imitation pine cone green, 5 forks imitation pine cone purple, 5 fork imitation pine cones yellow and green, 5-prong waterweed gypsophila purple, 5 forks waterweed gypsophila white, 5-prong waterweed starry yellow, 5 forks water grass pine purple, 5 forks water grass pine red lotus, 5 fork water grass pine yellow green, 5 forks water grass pine white green, 5 fork water grass pine green, 7-pronged centipede grass, 7-pronged pteris, 7 fork spring grass, 7-prong gladiolus, 7-pronged bamboo grass, 7 prongs Milan flower, 7-pronged cypress, 7-prong snapdragon, 7-prong 42 fern, 7 fork iron leaves, 7 fork chrysanthemum, 7 forks tea grass, 7-pronged pine grass, 7 fork pudding gypsophila, 7 forks milan grass
Item No. sc-1
Material Plastic
Product number sc-1
Whether to import No
Whether the source of patent No
Colour Green
Size 38
Brand Fragrant floral
Whether it is a source of exclusive supply for cross-border export No
Main sales area Africa, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, North America, North-east Asia, Middle East
Main downstream platforms ebay, Amazon, wish, AliExpress, Stand-alone station, LAZADA
Have licensable own brand No
Style Modern simplicity
Space Living room, Bedroom, Study, Outdoor, Dinning room, Bathroom, Porch, Fence, Balcony, Commercial premises
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