Knitting tool TPR silicone soft handle crochet metal alumina color crochet aluminum crochet DIY sweater needle

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Colour Selected: Combination of soft handle ② (random color 2-6mm)
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Approx. Weight: 90 grams
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Colour Combination of soft handle ② (random color 2-6mm), Metal combination (color random 2-10mm), Soft handle type combination ① (random color 2-8mm), Soft handle 2mm(1)(Random Color), Soft handle 2.5mm(1)(Random Color), Soft handle 3mm(1)(Random Color), Soft handle 3.5mm(1)(Random Color), Soft handle 4mm(1)(Random Color), Soft handle 4.5mm(1)(Random Color), Soft handle 5mm(1)(Random Color), Soft handle 5.5mm(1)(Random Color), Soft handle 6mm(1)(Random Color), Soft handle 6.5mm(1)(Random Color), Soft handle 7mm(1)(Random Color), Soft handle 8mm(1)(Random Color), Soft handle 9mm(1)(Random Color), Soft handle 10mm(1)(Random Color), Metal section 2mm(1)(Random Color), Metal 2.5mm(1)(Random Color), Metal 3mm(1)(Random Color), Metal 3.5mm(1)(Random Color), Metal 4mm(1)(Random Color), Metal 4.5mm(1)(Random Color), Metal section 5mm(1)(Random Color), Metal 5.5mm(1)(Random Color), Metal section 6mm(1)(Random Color), Metal 6.5mm(1)(Random Color), Metal section 7mm(1)(Random Color), Metal section 8mm(1)(Random Color), Metal section 9mm(1)(Random Color), Metal section 10mm(1)(Random Color), Metal section 12mm(1)(Random Color)
Product name Crochet hook with silicone soft handle
Main ingreadient Metal
Scope of application Home, Clothing, Home textiles, Apparel
Item No. GZ
Brand VAB
Whether it is a source of exclusive supply for cross-border export No
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