Korean version of 2020 new trendy titanium steel small waist net celebrity ins Roman personality fashion simple clavicle chain female necklace

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Colour Selected: DXL1001-Bamboo(copper)
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Colour DXL1001-Bamboo(copper), 2#TGXL113-Small waist, 2#Peanut blue and purple-TGXL121, Roman black models-TGXL108, Roman white model-TGXL108, Roman Red-TGXL108, Roman Green-TGXL108, 6#TGXL064-D word, 2#TGXL064-Double ring, White TGSL050 bracelet, 5#TGXL064, Black TGSL050 bracelet, 7#TGXL064, Red TGSL050 bracelet, 1#Necklace-Rose Gold-TGXL137, 2#Bracelet-Rose Gold-TGXL137, Red-TGXL045 rose gold, White-TGXL045 rose gold, White necklace-TGXL068, 2#双圆环-TGXL066, 2#TGXL065, Roman numerals round black and white double-sided-3#-TGXL043, Black and white four-leaf flower-4#-TGXL043, Small waist white diamond 5#-TGXL043, TGXL105-LOVE rose gold, TGXL114-rose gold, 4#Butterfly-Golden-TGXL110, Red-TGXL069, Green-TGXL069, Black-TGXL069, White-TGXL069, 1# Kaiyun Gourd Style-Rose Gold-TGXL144, 2# Lucky Pixiu Style-Rose Gold-TGXL144, 3#cute fox-rose gold-TGXL144, 4#cute fox-champagne gold-TGXL144, 5# Lucky Pixiu Style-Champagne Gold-TGXL144, TGXL106-Triangle, DXL399 Butterfly Necklace(copper), TGXL168-black and red double-sided, TGXL125-smiley rose gold, TGXL161-Fu character gourd, TGXL151-flower rose gold, TGXL151-flower gold, TGXL166-Four-leaf flower double-sided black and white, TGXL166-Roman double-sided black and white, TGXL165-Love Style-Rose Gold, TGXL165-Love Style-Gold, TGXL172-Small waist, TGXL171-Golden waist, TGXL170-Roman numerals, TGXL176-Small waist, TGXL175-Small waist, TGXL177-Golden Long Life Lock, TGXL248-white-rose gold bottom, TGXL248 black-rose gold bottom, TGXL173-V word necklace, TGXL212-H rose gold with diamonds, TGXL212-H diamond gold, TGXL191-Gear, TGXL204-1#(Rome black and white double-sided), TGXL204-2#(Four-leaf flower black and white double-sided), TGXL114-Silver bow, Titanium Steel Lip Chain-Rose Gold, TGXL222 Red Fox Rose Gold-Lip Chain, TGXL222 Red Fox Gold-Lip Chain, TGXL222 Green Fox Rose Gold-Lip Chain, TGXL222 Green Fox Gold-Lip Chain, TGXL222 White Fox Rose Gold-Lip Chain, TGXL222 White Fox Gold-Lip Chain, TGXL217-Little Meng Smiling Buddha-Lip Chain, TGXL217-Little Meng Smiling Buddha-O-chain, TGXL223-Red Lip Necklace, TGXL220, TGXL221-DO letters, TGXL103 small waist, TGXL113-1#Ceramic tassel, TGXL078-4# Rose gold, TGXL224-Small waist, TGXL121-3#Two pearl peanuts, TGXL255-rose gold, TGXL255-True Platinum, TGXL257-rose gold, TGXL257-True Platinum, TGXL162-white skirt, TGXL162-Black skirt, TGXL162-Red skirt, TGXL286-1#Double butterfly rose gold, TGXL286-2# Single butterfly rose gold, TGXL286-3# Single butterfly gold, TGXL174-red, TGXL174-black, TGXL288-1# Rose gold, TGXL288-2#Gold, TGXL288-3#Zircon Love, TGXL280-Smiley Face-Silver, TGXL281-LOVE section-silver, TGXL302-Green Diamond-Rose Gold Lip Chain, TGXL302-Green Diamond-Golden Lip Chain, TGXL103, Small waist
Style Korean style/Korean style, Women’s
Material Titanium steel
Treatment process Plating
Brand Siegger
Production code HJ009-TGXL
Sales serial number HJ009-TGXL
Type Necklace
Modeling Geometry
Package Individual package
Occasions for gifts Wedding, Tourism Memorial, Employee Benefits
Custom processing No
Item No. HJ009-TGXL
Origin Yiwu
Chain style Snake bone chain
Whether multi-layer No
Whether to bring a pendant Yes
Extension chain 10cm or less
Pendant material Titanium steel
Perimeter 21cm (inclusive)-50cm (inclusive)
Main downstream platforms ebay, Amazon, wish, AliExpress, Stand-alone station, LAZADA
Main sales area Africa, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, North America, North-east Asia, Middle East
Have licensable own brand Yes
Whether it is a source of exclusive supply for cross-border export Yes
Popular elements Geometry
Listing year/season Spring 2021
Net Red 2020 summer new trendy net red ins small waist slub personality fashion titanium steel pendant clavicle chain, Female necklace
Simplicity Titanium steel necklace female English number butterfly small waist clavicle necklace net celebrity temperament simple new trendy jewelry
Korean version Fashion Korean version of LOVE letter pendant clavicle necklace female simple temperament fashion gentle all-match titanium steel necklace tide net red retro Hong Kong style necklace
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