New 15.6-inch AMD-2700U ultra-thin notebook computer portable all-metal student office game book

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colour Selected: Metallic silver
Memory Capacity Price Qty
Core M-5Y51 processor 8G+0G solid state৳ 23799999
Core M-5Y51 processor 8G+128G solid state৳ 27052997
AMD-2500U processor 12G+256G (eat chicken)৳ 40921999
AMD-2500U processor 12G+512G (eat chicken)৳ 44516989
AMD-2500U processor 20G+512G (eat chicken)৳ 47769995
AMD-2500U processor 20G+1024G (eat chicken)৳ 5119499
AMD-2700U processor 12G+128G (eat chicken)৳ 44345Out of Stock
AMD-2700U processor 12G+256G (eat chicken)৳ 4605799
AMD-2700U processor 12G+512G (eat chicken)৳ 4759899
AMD-2700U processor 12G+1024G (eat chicken)৳ 4948299
AMD-2700U processor 20G+256G solid state৳ 4588698
AMD-2700U processor 20G+512G solid state৳ 5288996
AMD-2700U processor 20G+1024G solid state৳ 5701596
Core I5 ​​4200U 8G+128G৳ 32874999
Core I5 ​​4200U 8G+256G৳ 35408996
Core i7 5500U 8+128G৳ 35956Out of Stock
Core i7 5500U 8+256G৳ 37325Out of Stock
Core i7 5500U 8+512G৳ 41435Out of Stock
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colour Metallic silver
Memory Capacity Core M-5Y51 processor 8G+0G solid state, Core M-5Y51 processor 8G+128G solid state, AMD-2500U processor 12G+256G (eat chicken), AMD-2500U processor 12G+512G (eat chicken), AMD-2500U processor 20G+512G (eat chicken), AMD-2500U processor 20G+1024G (eat chicken), AMD-2700U processor 12G+128G (eat chicken), AMD-2700U processor 12G+256G (eat chicken), AMD-2700U processor 12G+512G (eat chicken), AMD-2700U processor 12G+1024G (eat chicken), AMD-2700U processor 20G+256G solid state, AMD-2700U processor 20G+512G solid state, AMD-2700U processor 20G+1024G solid state, Core I5 ​​4200U 8G+128G, Core I5 ​​4200U 8G+256G, Core i7 5500U 8+128G, Core i7 5500U 8+256G, Core i7 5500U 8+512G
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