Suitable for Samsung S20/A51/S21/A72/A52 mobile phone shell transparent four-corner anti-drop TPU airbag soft shell wholesale

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৳ 33 1 or more ৳ 30 100 or more ৳ 25 100000 or more
Colour Selected: Transparent
Applicable Model Price Qty
A70৳ 336632
NOTE 10/NOTE 10(5G)৳ 336640
A6 2018৳ 336688
J3 2016/J310/J320৳ 336688
A6S৳ 336688
A52 5G৳ 3315079
A02S US version৳ 336688
A7 2018/A750৳ 336672
M30S/M21৳ 336648
J5 PRIME৳ 336688
A32 5G৳ 3316376
NOTE 20(4G/5G)৳ 336652
S30 ULTRA/S21 ULTRA৳ 339352
J7 2016/J710৳ 336687
A6 PLUS 2018/A9 STAR LITE/J8 2018/J810৳ 336688
A72 5G৳ 3316571
S8 PLUS৳ 336688
A2 CORE/A260৳ 336688
A51 5G UW৳ 336688
A60/M40৳ 336687
A51/M40S৳ 336451
A42 (5G)৳ 3316607
A8S৳ 336686
A11৳ 336593
A10E৳ 336688
S20 PLUS(6.7) (4G/5G universal)৳ 3325510
A91/M80S/S10 LITE৳ 336688
A71(4G)৳ 336574
A10৳ 336666
S30/S21৳ 337787
M01৳ 336688
A3 2017/A320৳ 336688
A8 2018/A530F৳ 336688
M30S৳ 336678
J7 PRIME৳ 336680
A8 PLUS 2018৳ 336678
A10S৳ 336618
M31S৳ 336688
J4+/J4 PRIME/J6+/J6 PRIME/J610/J415৳ 336688
A9 STAR/A8 STAR৳ 336683
S7 EDGE৳ 336687
A21৳ 336661
M10৳ 336688
A51 (5G)৳ 334983
A01 CORE/M01 CORE৳ 336673
A02S European version৳ 336653
A20E৳ 336683
J5৳ 336688
A20/A30/M10S৳ 336566
A71(5G)৳ 336593
A5 2017/A520৳ 336678
J7৳ 335257
M20৳ 336688
A20S৳ 336679
A40৳ 336668
A41৳ 336659
A90(5G)৳ 336665
S30 PLUS/S21 PLUS৳ 339688
M30/A40S৳ 336688
A80/A90৳ 336675
S7৳ 336675
M31৳ 336323
S9৳ 336642
A50/A50S/A30S৳ 336535
S8৳ 335678
J5 2017/J5 PRO/J530৳ 336688
A21S৳ 3316474
S20 FE 5G/S20 Fan Edition/S20 Lite৳ 336580
A7 2017/A720৳ 336688
S9 PLUS৳ 336551
NOTE 10 PLUS(NOTE 10 PRO)/NOTE 10 PLUS(5G)৳ 336626
S20(6.2) (4G/5G universal)৳ 3325207
S10 PLUS৳ 3316029
S20 ULTRA(6.9) (4G/5G universal)৳ 3322053
A70E৳ 336688
S10 (5G version)৳ 3314641
A9 2018/A9S/A9 STAR PRO৳ 336676
A70S৳ 336668
J7 DUO/J720F/J7 2018 European version৳ 336688
J5 2016/J510৳ 336688
A81/M60S/NOTE 10 LITE৳ 336683
M51 India Edition৳ 336688
J7 2017/J7 PRO/J730৳ 336688
M51৳ 336658
A12 5G৳ 335415
S10E৳ 3316666
J6 2018৳ 336683
NOTE 9৳ 336577
S10৳ 335829
NOTE 8৳ 336588
J2 PRIME/G530/G532৳ 336688
A01 European version৳ 336658
NOTE20PRO/NOTE 20 ULTRA(4G/5G)৳ 336636
From China To Bangladesh
Total Quantity: 0 Product Price: 0
Approx. Weight: 30 grams
Shipping Method:
Shipping Charge: ৳ 0
China Domestic Delivery: 70
Product Code: abb-620354797438Total Sold: 108967Seller Score: 3/10 Category:
Brand Jiang Runfa
Colour Transparent, Minimum order of 10 for a single model
Unit of measurement Indivual
Applicable brand Apple, Samsung, Huawei
Style Simplicity
Shape Back cover
Applicable Model S20(6.2) (4G/5G universal), S20 PLUS(6.7) (4G/5G universal), S20 ULTRA(6.9) (4G/5G universal), S10 (5G version), S10E, S10 PLUS, S10, S9 PLUS, S9, S8 PLUS, S8, S7 EDGE, S7, NOTE 8, NOTE 9, NOTE 10/NOTE 10(5G), NOTE 10 PLUS(NOTE 10 PRO)/NOTE 10 PLUS(5G), J2 PRIME/G530/G532, J3 2016/J310/J320, J4+/J4 PRIME/J6+/J6 PRIME/J610/J415, J5 2016/J510, J5, J5 PRIME, J5 2017/J5 PRO/J530, J6 2018, J7, J7 PRIME, J7 2016/J710, J7 2017/J7 PRO/J730, J7 DUO/J720F/J7 2018 European version, M10, M20, M30/A40S, M30S, M31, A6 2018, A6 PLUS 2018/A9 STAR LITE/J8 2018/J810, A7 2018/A750, A9 2018/A9S/A9 STAR PRO, A8 2018/A530F, A8 PLUS 2018, A6S, A8S, A3 2017/A320, A5 2017/A520, A7 2017/A720, A10, A20/A30/M10S, A40, A50/A50S/A30S, A60/M40, A70, A80/A90, A9 STAR/A8 STAR, A2 CORE/A260, A20E, A10E, A10S, A20S, A90(5G), A70S, A51/M40S, A71(4G), A81/M60S/NOTE 10 LITE, A91/M80S/S10 LITE, A01 European version, A21, A41, A70E, A11, A71(5G), NOTE 20(4G/5G), NOTE20PRO/NOTE 20 ULTRA(4G/5G), M01, M51, S20 FE 5G/S20 Fan Edition/S20 Lite, A51 5G UW, M51 India Edition, M31S, M30S/M21, A51 (5G), A01 CORE/M01 CORE, A12 5G, A02S US version, A02S European version, S30/S21, S30 PLUS/S21 PLUS, S30 ULTRA/S21 ULTRA, A32 5G, A52 5G, A72 5G, A42 (5G), A21S, S20, PLUS(6.7) (4G/5G universal), ULTRA (6.9) (4G/5G universal), PLUS, EDGE, NOTE, 8, 9, 10/NOTE, 10(5G), 10, PLUS(NOTE, PRO)/NOTE, PLUS(5G), J2, PRIME/G530/G532, J3, 2016/J310/J320, J4+/J4, PRIME/J6+/J6, PRIME/J610/J415, 2016/J510, PRIME, 2017/J5, PRO/J530, J6, 2018, 2016/J710, 2017/J7, PRO/J730, DUO/J720F/J7, 2018 European version, A6, 2018/A9, STAR, LITE/J8, 2018/J810, A7, 2018/A750, A9, 2018/A9S/A9, PRO, A8, 2018/A530F, A3, 2017/A320, A5, 2017/A520, 2017/A720, STAR/A8, A2, CORE/A260, A81/M60S/NOTE, LITE, A91/M80S/S10, 20(4G/5G), NOTE20PRO/NOTE, 20, ULTRA(4G/5G), FE, 5G/S20, Fan, Edition/S20, Lite, A51, 5G, UW, (5G), A01, CORE/M01, CORE, A12, A02S, U.S. Edition, European version, S30, PLUS/S21, ULTRA/S21, ULTRA, A32, A52, A72, A42
Item No. JRF-0002
Material tpu
Popular elements Solid color
Craft Injection molding/injection
Main downstream platforms ebay, Amazon, wish, AliExpress, Stand-alone station, LAZADA
Main sales area Africa, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, North America, North-east Asia, Middle East, Domestic, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan
Whether it is a source of exclusive supply for cross-border export Yes
Support customization Support
Whether the source of patent No
Origin Guangdong
+88 09666-799125

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