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Colour Selected: E-25A(Traffic lights)
E-25A(Traffic lights)
E-30C (Electric small fan)
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Colour E-25A(Traffic lights), C-20E(Wireless remote control car), C-20A(Wireless remote control four-wheel drive), C-10(Solar car), C-21D(Solar wireless remote control car), C-23(Pull string car), C-24(Gear shuttle), C-25(Small tank), C-26B(Four-wheel drive car), C-26A(Four-wheel drive car), C-27A(Windmill), C-30(Off-road wind car), C-30A(Off-road wind car), C-31A(Balance car), C-29A(Small train), C-32(Small tank 9), C-33(Electric tricycle), D-11 (hand crank generator), D-12 (Pulley power generation), D-20A (power generation group), D-11ABC(D-11ABC), D-31C (solar power station), D-50A (wind power generation), A-10 (tracing car), E-10D (Laser infrared alarm), E-11AB (Wireless Transmission Package), E-20C (Intelligent Light Control Desk Lamp), E-21C (Colorful small table lamp), E-21B (Colorful Desk Lamp), E-23 (Colorful Fiber Optic Light), E-25B(Traffic lights), E-26 (Telegraph), E-27(Conductivity detector), E-30C (Electric small fan), E-30D(Electric small fan), E-51A (raising the national flag), E-53A (Money Detector), M-13 (magnetic seesaw), E-55A (solar fan), E-60A (earthquake alarm), E-61A (Electromagnetic swing), E-63A (suspended compass), E-65A (shooting device), E-70A (gravity car), E-71A (magnetic levitation), E-72 (perpetual pen), E-73 (air suspension ball), F-10 (taxiing aircraft), F-11A (taxiing aircraft), F-12A (Double-color light taxiing aircraft), F-13A (twin-engine taxiing aircraft), F-20 (rocket launch), F-26 (wind boat), F-28 (Wind Speed ​​Boat), F-30A (wireless remote control wind ship), J-11 (Bionic robot), J-10 (reptile robot), J-12 (walking robot), J-13(Robot pulling cart), J-15 (Like the robot), J-16 (reptile robot), J-17 (rope climbing robot), J-18 (running robot), J-30 (Graffiti Robot), J-50 (Sweeping robot), R-11 (Carousel), R-11A (Carousel), R-12B (Automatic bubble blowing machine), R-13A (Automatic spin dryer), R-15A (Electric Flying Snow), R-16A (Automatic painter), R-17A (Ferris wheel), R-19 (vacuum cleaner), R-18 (weather vane), R-20A (hydraulic excavator), R-21 (Earth, Moon and Day), R-21A (Earth, Moon and Sun), R-22A (New Pendulum), R-23 (Bei Li Bridge), R-25 (hand crane), R-26 (balance scale), R-27 (Mechanical Password Box), R-28 (Hooker Wheel), R-29 (conduit level), R-31 (Double gauge strange slope), R-32 (cable stayed bridge), R-33 (Catapult), G-21 (elevator lift), G-21A (elevator lift), G-30 (Hydraulic Manipulator), G-10 (ball machine), Y-13 (Reptile), Y-15 (balanced bird), S-10 (hyperbolic model)
Specification Customizable
Import place China
Item No. Single product integration link 3 pieces
Material Wooden
Can DIY Yes
Packing Ziplock bag
Whether foreign trade No
Is it multifunctional No
Whether electric Yes
Ability training Use your brain
Brand Energetic Wisdom
Is there an animation image No
Is there a shopping guide video Yes
Types of Science and Education Toys Physics
Whether it is exclusively for foreign trade No
3C configuration category Other toys under 14
Whether it is a source of exclusive supply for cross-border export No
Suitable age Juvenile(7-14 years old)
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