Cross-border spot resin button coat pattern round button windbreaker jacket four-eye button button wholesale in Yongjia County

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Colour Selected: XD-699 black
Specification Price Qty
36L=23.0MM/200 tablets৳ 4222659
40L=25.0MM/100 tablets৳ 2902769
44L=28.0MM/100 tablets৳ 3432769
28L=18.0MM/400 tablets৳ 4742627
24L=15.0MM/400 tablets৳ 422Out of Stock
48L=30.5MM/100 tablets৳ 474Out of Stock
32L=20.0MM/200 tablets৳ 343Out of Stock
From China To Bangladesh
Total Quantity: 0 Product Price: 0
Approx. Weight: 216 grams
Shipping Method:
Shipping Charge: ৳ 0
China Domestic Delivery: 70
Product Code: abb-620926212632Total Sold: 26488Seller Score: 10/10 Category:
Colour XD-699 black, XD-700 coffee color, XD-712 beige, XD-713 beige, XD-714 coffee color, XD-717 coffee color, XD-720 coffee color, XD-724 dark coffee color, XD-725 dark coffee color, XD-727 black, XD-727 coffee color, XD-729 rice coffee color, XD-732 coffee color, XD-734 rice coffee color, XD-735 beige, XD-740 beige, XD-743 beige, XD-744 rice coffee color, XD-763 beige, XD-813 beige, XD-815 beige
Specification 24L=15.0MM/400 tablets, 28L=18.0MM/400 tablets, 32L=20.0MM/200 tablets, 36L=23.0MM/200 tablets, 40L=25.0MM/100 tablets, 44L=28.0MM/100 tablets, 48L=30.5MM/100 tablets
Material Resin
Structure Eye button
Shape Round shape
Scope of application Shirt, Suit, Windbreaker, Sweater, Woolen coat
Color Concave flower
Brand Sida
Item No. XD-96
Whether it is a source of exclusive supply for cross-border export Yes
Main downstream platforms ebay, Amazon, wish, AliExpress, Stand-alone station, LAZADA
Main sales area Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, North America, North-east Asia, Middle East
Have licensable own brand No
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