Men’s Spring and Autumn Men’s Suits Men’s Korean Slim Professional Suit Men’s Three-piece Wedding Groomsman Dress

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colour Selected: Double buckle black【Suit + trousers】
Remarks: matching shirts are all white
One piece can be ordered
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S/(Wear around 98 kg)৳ 228714087
XL/(Wear around 130 pounds)৳ 228712964
M/(Wear around 108 pounds)৳ 228713068
4XL/(Wear around 168 pounds)৳ 228714458
L/(Wear around 118 pounds)৳ 228713177
5XL/(Wear around 180 kg)৳ 22879391
2XL/(Wear around 142 pounds)৳ 228713397
3XL/(Wear around 152 pounds)৳ 228713949
6XL/(Wear around 205 pounds)৳ 22879497
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Total Quantity: 0 Product Price: 0
Approx. Weight: 300 grams
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Shipping Charge: ৳ 0
China Domestic Delivery: 70
Product Code: abb-621545716073Total Sold: 54408Seller Score: 11/20 Category:
colour Double buckle black【Suit + trousers】, Single button black【Suit + trousers】, Double buckle black【Suit + shirt + trousers】, Single button black【Suit + shirt + trousers】, Double buckle black【Suit + vest + trousers】, Single button black【Suit + vest + trousers】, Double button navy【Suit + trousers】, Single button navy【Suit + trousers】, Double button navy【Suit + shirt + trousers】, Single button navy【Suit + shirt + trousers】, Double button navy【Suit + vest + trousers】, Single button navy【Suit + vest + trousers】, Double buckle gray【Suit + trousers】, Single button gray【Suit + trousers】, Double buckle gray【Suit + shirt + trousers】, Single button gray【Suit + shirt + trousers】, Double buckle gray【Suit + vest + trousers】, Single button gray【Suit + vest + trousers】, Double buckle wine red【Suit + trousers】, Single button wine red【Suit + trousers】, Double buckle wine red【Suit + shirt + trousers】, Single button wine red【Suit + shirt + trousers】, Double buckle wine red【Suit + vest + trousers】, Single button wine red【Suit + vest + trousers】, Remarks: matching shirts are all white, One piece can be ordered
size S/(Wear around 98 kg), M/(Wear around 108 pounds), L/(Wear around 118 pounds), XL/(Wear around 130 pounds), 2XL/(Wear around 142 pounds), 3XL/(Wear around 152 pounds), 4XL/(Wear around 168 pounds), 5XL/(Wear around 180 kg), 6XL/(Wear around 205 pounds)
Suggested retail price ¥219.00-259.00
Supply category Spot
Brand Hornvo
Item No. 3006
Purchasing category fashion City(24-35 years old)
Placket Single row two buttons
tolerance scope 1-2
appropriate season spring and fall
Inventory Yes
Inventory type Whole single
Fabric name Polyester fiber: 78.6%, Viscose: 21.4%
Main fabric composition Viscose
The content of main fabric ingredients 21.4(%)
Applicable scene Casual
Collar Flat collar
Slit way Back center slit
Edition type Slim-type
thickness conventional
Listing year/season Spring 2021
Design details Button decoration
Main downstream platforms ebay, Amazon, wish, AliExpress, Stand-alone station, LAZADA
Main sales area Africa, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, North America, North-east Asia, middle East
Have licensable own brand Yes
Whether it is a source of exclusive supply for cross-border export Yes
style Business suits
Original design supply no
Whether there is a quality inspection report no
+88 09666-799125

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