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Packing specification Selected: 10 grams of large leaf coriander
5 grams of okra
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Approx. Weight: 300 grams
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Packing specification 10 grams of large leaf coriander, 10 grams of large leaf spinach, Four Seasons Chinese Cabbage 10g, Shanghai Green 10g, 5g glass lettuce, Lettuce 5g, 10 grams of jasper cabbage, Chrysanthemum vulgare 10 grams, Chicory 3 grams, Willow leaf water spinach 8 grams, 10 grams of Shanghai chicken feathers, Purple Root Chives 5g, 791 Chinese chives 5 grams, Stubble fennel 10 grams, Four seasons shallots 5 grams, 5 grams of fast-growing parsley, Four seasons celery 5 grams, 5 grams of red amaranth, Forty-nine Choy Sum 10g, Large leaf fungus vegetable 3 grams, Green kohlrabi 5 grams, Snow red 5 grams, Polished Chrysanthemum chrysanthemum 10g, Jinyan No. 4 Cucumber 2g, Tangshan autumn melon 2 grams, Fruit cucumber 2 grams, Long fragrant loofah 5 grams, Meat loofah 5 grams, White sugar bowl melon 2g, Sweet treasure melon 2g, About 10 green bitter gourd, About 10 pieces of white bitter gourd, Japanese pumpkin 5g, Red currant pumpkin 5g, Honey Pumpkin 5g, Golden Hook Pumpkin 5g, Early Green Zucchini 5g, 5 grams of non-class oil lettuce, Black winter melon 5g, 5 grams of powdered winter melon, Falling flowers sweet melon, 5 grams of green amaranth, Pressing rack 28-2 5 grams of beans, 5 grams of unbeaten 901 beans, 10 grams of gluten-free frame beans, Safflower green beans 10 grams, Pioneer Ground Beans 10g, 10 grams snow peas, 5 grams of red lentils, 5 grams of green lentils, Green Dragon Frame Beans 10g, 20g white sticky corn, 20g yellow sticky corn, 20 grams black sticky corn, 20 grams of colored corn, About 200 grains of wool powder 802, Ginkgo qiangfeng about 200 capsules, Huang Guifei about 200 capsules, Approximately 200 red saints, Yellow saint girl about 200 capsules, Purple Saint Girl Approximately 200 Capsules, Chaotian pepper 5 grams, 8819 line pepper 5 grams, 3 grams horn pepper, 5 grams sweet pepper, Purple Dragon Eggplant 3g, 3 grams of Erzhi eggplant, Xinlimei radish 5 grams, 5 grams of cherry radish, Five sakura water radish 5 grams, Seven inches of ginseng carrots 4 grams, 7 grams of green radish inside and outside, Hanxue Radish 7g, Bolting-resistant lettuce 3 grams, 8 grams of large leaf water spinach, Four Seasons Fast Vegetables 5g, Chrysanthemum chrysanthemum 7g, Four Seasons Strawberry, 5 g butter lettuce, 5 grams of fragrant lettuce, Lazy man melon king watermelon 3g, Rock Sugar Kirin Watermelon 3g, Black Marshal Watermelon 3g, Lvbao Great Watermelon 3g, 10 grams of buttered Chinese cabbage, 3 grams of bitter hemp, 5 grams of okra, Chocory 3 grams, Sweet Concubine Melon 2g, Balixiang 2g, 7 grams white radish, Four Seasons Red Cabbage Moss 5g, Perilla, Mint, Creamy White Strawberry, April slow rapeseed 10 grams, Green Vegetable Seed Collection, Cucumber Seed Collection, Carob Seed Collection, Watermelon Seed Collection
Variety Green vegetables
Level First grade
Variety purity 95.0(%)
Cleaness 98.0(%)
Germination rate≥ 85(%)
Water content ≤ 9.0(%)
Survival rate 90(%)
Miao Gao 50(cm)
Origin/manufacturer Cangzhou Jinke Lifeng Seedling Co., Ltd.
Item No. 001
Brand Jinke Lifeng
Fullness Excellent
Supplying time January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December, Four seasons
Storage conditions Refrigeration
Specification About 200 tablets
+88 09666-799125

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