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Fullness Selected: 50 ordinary cantaloupe seeds【In bulk】
100-grain weight/thousand-grain weight Price Qty
One piece৳ 35199
From China To Bangladesh
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Approx. Weight: 1 grams
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China Domestic Delivery: 70
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Fullness 50 ordinary cantaloupe seeds【In bulk】, A Chuangke Mi 25【200 capsules】, A Chuangke Mi 57 10g, A Chuangke Mi 31【200 capsules】, A Tianshan crisp pear【200 capsules】, A Xinjiang cantaloupe, A emperor honeydew, A Mega Melon, A Lianhua Gold Red 200 Capsules, A Crisp Honey Po No. 25【200 capsules】, A honey gold 10 grams, A Jinrui 200 capsules, A Golden Queen Honeydew
100-grain weight/thousand-grain weight One piece, One piece(g)
Origin Domestic
Item No. 209
Grade 1
Germination rate 95(%)
Water content 11(%)
Cleaness 95(%)
Category Fruits and vegetables
Brand Xiang Ersao
Variety Cantaloupe
Variety purity 98(%)
Optimal temperature for growth 26(°C)
Type Seed
Classification Flower seeds for home gardening
Whether to import No
Application scenario Home gardening, Flower nursery production
Packing In bulk
Blooming Doji
Mode of reproduction Sowing seedlings
Pests and diseases Have
Sowing period Doji
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