Factory direct supply of high-end metal buttons, hand-sewn buttons, suit coats, trench coats, round gold double buttons, spot batches

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Colour Selected: 1Shuangpin feel paint
Specification Price Qty
24L=15.0 MM৳ 13Out of Stock
40L=25.0 MM৳ 946680
32L=20.0 MM৳ 13Out of Stock
36L=23.0 MM৳ 831500
48L৳ 1149800
52L৳ 1250000
44L=28.0 MM৳ 1050000
28L=18.0 MM৳ 13Out of Stock
From China To Bangladesh
Total Quantity: 0 Product Price: 0
Approx. Weight: 3 grams
Shipping Method:
Shipping Charge: ৳ 0
China Domestic Delivery: 70
Product Code: abb-629970052552Total Sold: 162292Seller Score: 10/10 Category:
Colour 1Shuangpin feel paint, No. 2 Crown Sand Golden Point Black Oil, No. 2 Crown Sand Gold, No. 3 rose gold, No. 4 rose gold
Specification 24L=15.0 MM, 28L=18.0 MM, 32L=20.0 MM, 36L=23.0 MM, 40L=25.0 MM, 44L=28.0 MM, 48L, 52L, 24L=15.0, MM, 28L=18.0, 32L=20.0, 36L=23.0, 40L=25.0, 44L=28.0
Material Alloy
Structure Buttons with feet
Shape Round shape
Scope of application Jeans, Shoe, Hat, Cotton, Shirt, Suit, Windbreaker, Belt, Sweater, Down jacket, Jacket, Woolen coat, Work clothes
Color Mosaic
Brand RH
Item No. 79445/60292
Whether it is a source of exclusive supply for cross-border export No
+88 09666-799125

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