Nail art manufacturers wholesale long flat-head matte frosted nail art, fake nail patch, semi-finished nail art strip

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Colour Selected: Frosted red strips TJP722-Y1-B1(The original number is TJP722-Y7-B1)
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Approx. Weight: 15 grams
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Colour Frosted red strips TJP722-Y1-B1(The original number is TJP722-Y7-B1), Frosted sapphire blue strip TJP722-Y2-B1(The original number is TJP722-Y8-B1), Frosted vermicelli set TJP722-Y3-B1(The original number is TJP722-Y4-B1), Frosted gray strips TJP722-Y4-B1(The original number is TJP722-Y1-B1), Frosted meat pink strips TJP722-Y5-B1(The original number is TJP722-Y10-B1), Frosted light rice noodle sticks TJP722-Y6-B1(The original number is TJP722-Y2-B1), Frosted purple strips TJP722-Y7-B1(The original number is TJP722-Y6-B1), Frosted rose red strips TJP722-Y8-B1(The original number is TJP722-Y5-B1), Frosted light blue strips TJP722-Y10-B1, Frosted solid white strips TJP722-Y12-B1, Frosted mint green strips TJP722-Y13-B1, Frosted black strips TJP722-Y14-B1, Frosted Bean Paste Noodles TJP722-Y15-B1, Frosted dark purple strips TJP722-Y16-B1, Frosted green strips TJP722-Y17-B1, Frosted violet strips TJP722-Y18-B1, Frosted meat complexion strips TJP722-Y19-B1, Frosted blue and green strips TJP722-Y20-B1, Frosted light-skinned strips TJP722-Y21-B1, Frosted deep coffee stick TJP722-Y22-B1, Frosted dark burgundy strips TJP722-Y23-B1, Frosted cherry purple strips TJP722-Y24-B1, Frosted pumpkin color sticks TJP722-Y27-B1, Frosted caramel color stick TJP722-Y28-B1, Frosted natural color strip TJP722-Y29-B1, Frosted gray purple strips TJP722-Y31-B1, Frosted blue-gray strip TJP722-Y32-B1, Matte gray black strip TJP722-Y33-B1, Frosted cement gray strips TJP722-Y34-B1, Frosted light green strip TJP722-Y35-B1, For other colors, please contact customer service, Support one-piece delivery, priority delivery for collection and purchase
Brand other
Whether to import No
Size 0-9
Origin Yiwu
Item No. TJP722
Net weight 24pcs/box
Nail product classification Manicure tools
Whether it is a special purpose cosmetic No
Main downstream platforms ebay, Amazon, wish, AliExpress, Stand-alone station, LAZADA
Main sales area Africa, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, North America, North-east Asia, Middle East
Have licensable own brand Yes
Whether it is a source of exclusive supply for cross-border export Yes
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