Spot 10.5~14mm resin four-in-one button plastic concealed four-in-one button round snap button clothing accessories

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Colour Selected: 1#(black)
Note: Take 1 unit and send 1000 sets
Specification Price Qty
T-3(10.5mm)৳ 4579999898
T-8(14mm)৳ 66799800
T-5(12mm)৳ 43999700
From China To Bangladesh
Total Quantity: 0 Product Price: 0
Approx. Weight: 700 grams
Shipping Method:
Shipping Charge: ৳ 0
China Domestic Delivery: 70
Product Code: abb-630635450442Total Sold: 2752Seller Score: 4/10 Category:
Colour 1#(black), 2#(white), 3#(wine red), 4#(big red), 5# (dark rose red), 6# (orange red), 7#(pink), 8#(positive yellow), 9#(fluorescent yellow), 10#(Navy blue), 11#(sea blue), 12#(grass green), 13#(dark gray), 14#(dark brown), 15#(dark purple), Note: Take 1 unit and send 1000 sets
Specification T-3(10.5mm), T-5(12mm), T-8(14mm)
Material Plastic
Structure Four in one button
Shape Round shape
Scope of application Jeans, Shoe, Hat, Suit, Belt, Work clothes, Umbrella, , Bibs
Color Coating
Brand CooBigo
Item No. 3033, , 3034, 3035
Whether it is a source of exclusive supply for cross-border export No
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