Titanium steel non-fading necklace European and American style wild 18K gold hip-hop sweater chain 2020 new accessories explosion models

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Colour Selected: 86185 Three-ring three-color〖gold〗【55 cm】
86133 lock〖gold〗【45 cm】
86123 vintage green diamond〖gold〗
86112 Four-leaf clover pearl chain〖gold〗
86116 Roman Numeral Pearl Chain〖gold〗
86050 Three square double-layer chain【rose】【50 cm】
8637 Double Peas Rose Gold【45 cm】
86023 Lucky Medal【rose】
86020 double butterfly【rose】【45 cm】
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Colour 86185 Three-ring three-color〖gold〗【55 cm】, 86184 Six-pointed Star Moon〖gold〗【52 cm】, 86180 double layer【rose】【53 cm】, 86177 LOVE〖gold〗【45 cm】, 86176 LOVE【rose】【45 cm】, 86165 white shell heart-shaped【rose】【45 cm】, 86172 white shell heart-shaped〖gold〗【45 cm】, 86171 Geometric White Shell〖gold〗【45 cm】, 86170 drop-shaped butterfly〖gold〗【48 cm】, 86169 double-sided butterfly〖gold〗【45 cm】, 86167 Double Pearl Square Card〖gold〗【63 cm】, 86166 Three-tier stars【rose】【45 cm】, 86175 three-tier stars〖gold〗【45 cm】, 86164 Good Luck Medal Snake Bone Chain〖gold〗【45 cm】, 8361 Lucky Medal Rose Gold【45 cm】, 86163 Heart〖gold〗【51 cm】, 86162 Portrait card〖gold〗【45 cm】, 86181 Portrait card【rose】【45 cm】, 86161 Hollow five-pointed star〖gold〗【45 cm】, 86160 Hollow five-pointed star【rose】【45 cm】, 86159 Black Brand Round Bead Chain〖gold〗【65 cm】, 86158 Black Brand Round Bead Chain【rose】【65 cm】, 86157 letter D hanging square〖gold〗【55 cm】, 86156 letter D hanging square【rose】【55 cm】, 86155 letter plate〖gold〗【49 cm】, 86154 letter plate【rose】【49 cm】, 86153 Double five-pointed star〖gold〗【51 cm】, 86147 Double five-pointed star【rose】【51 cm】, 86149 Stars and Moon〖gold〗【45 cm】, 86148 Stars and Moon【rose】【45 cm】, 86146 black round medal〖gold〗【45 cm】, 86145 Double Heart【rose】【45 cm】, 86142 Double Heart〖gold〗【45 cm】, 86137 Three-tier Queen〖gold〗【51 cm】, 86136 Cross Double Chain〖gold〗【49 cm】, 86133 lock〖gold〗【45 cm】, 86132 Pearl Letter Round Plate〖gold〗【45 cm】, 86131 Crescent three-layer chain〖gold〗【55 cm】, 86130 Queen double decker〖gold〗【49 cm】, 86129 double layer〖gold〗【49 cm】, 86128 Double ring hanging ball〖gold〗【49 cm】, 86127 cross three-layer chain〖gold〗【55 cm】, 86126 double letter opal〖gold〗【51 cm】, 86125 circle coin multi-layer〖gold〗【65 cm】, 86124 round ring double chain〖gold〗【55 cm】, 86123 vintage green diamond〖gold〗, 86122 Queen’s Square Multi-layer〖gold〗【60 cm】, 86121 Demon Eye Double Layer〖gold〗【55 cm】, 86120 pattern coin double chain〖gold〗【55 cm】, 86119 Double round bead chain〖gold〗【45 cm】, 86111 Smile letter round card〖gold〗【47 cm】, 86115 three-layer blade chain〖gold〗【55 cm】, 86114 Queen’s head double-layer chain〖gold〗【49 cm】, 86113 Double Cross〖gold〗【55 cm】, 86112 Four-leaf clover pearl chain〖gold〗, 86116 Roman Numeral Pearl Chain〖gold〗, 86110 Multi-layer smiley〖gold〗【49 cm】, 86109 Cross Letter Round Plate〖gold〗【55 cm】, 86105 Lock head round card double layer〖gold〗【49 cm】, 86104 geometric hollow〖gold〗【65 cm】, 86103 Three-layer lock cross【rose】【51 cm】, 86102 Three-layer lock cross〖gold〗【51 cm】, 86100 Letter Square Plate〖gold〗, 86091 cowhide necklace〖gold〗【45 cm】, 86094 Lucky Double Card【rose】【59 cm】, 86093 small square〖gold〗【50 cm】, 86092 Double five-pointed star pendant diamond〖gold〗【51 cm】, 86095 Double five-pointed star pendant diamond【rose】【51 cm】, 86088 Fishbone Double Chain〖gold〗【50 cm】, 86087 Wheat Ear〖gold〗【45 cm】, 86082 black round D【rose】【51 cm】, 86079 black round D〖gold〗【51 cm】, 86068 Medal Key〖gold〗【65 cm】, 86067 Three-color round bead chain〖gold〗【55 cm】, 86057 Lucky Medal〖gold〗【45 cm】, 86056 Lucky Double Card〖gold〗【50 cm】, 86052 Peace Dove【rose】【45 cm】, 86050 Three square double-layer chain【rose】【50 cm】, 86045 Three square double-layer chain〖gold〗【50 cm】, 86044 Lip Flat Chain Double Chain〖gold〗【45 cm】, 86043 520 round card heterosexual chain〖gold〗【50 cm】, 86041 Flat chain double-layer chain〖gold〗【50 cm】, 86083 Box Chain Snake Bone Chain【rose】【50 cm】, 86028 Double Beanie Chain〖gold〗【45 cm】, 8637 Double Peas Rose Gold【45 cm】, 86023 Lucky Medal【rose】, 86020 double butterfly【rose】【45 cm】, 86017 LOVE double chain【rose】【45 cm】, 86005 beloved【rose】【45 cm】, 86185, Three rings and three colors〖gold〗【55 cm】, 86184, Hexagram moon〖gold〗【52 cm】, 86180, Double layer【rose】【53 cm】, 86177, LOVE love〖gold〗【45 cm】, 86176, LOVE love【rose】【45 cm】, 86165, White shell heart【rose】【45 cm】, 86172, White shell heart〖gold〗【45 cm】, 86171, Geometric white shell〖gold〗【45 cm】, 86170, Drop-shaped butterfly〖gold〗【48 cm】, 86169, Double-sided butterfly〖gold〗【45 cm】, 86167, Double-layer pearl square card〖gold〗【63 cm】, 86166, Three-tier stars【rose】【45 cm】, 86175, Three-tier stars〖gold〗【45 cm】, 86164, Good luck round snake bone chain〖gold〗【45 cm】, 8361, Good luck round medal rose gold【45 cm】, 86163, Heart-shaped〖gold〗【51 cm】, 86162, Portrait card〖gold〗【45 cm】, 86181, Portrait card【rose】【45 cm】, 86161, Hollow five-pointed star〖gold〗【45 cm】, 86160, Hollow five-pointed star【rose】【45 cm】, 86159, Black brand round bead chain〖gold〗【65 cm】, 86158, Black brand round bead chain【rose】【65 cm】, 86157, Letter D hanging square〖gold〗【55 cm】, 86156, Letter D hanging square【rose】【55 cm】, 86155, Letter plate〖gold〗【49 cm】, 86154, Letter plate【rose】【49 cm】, 86153, Double five-pointed star〖gold〗【51 cm】, 86147, Double five-pointed star【rose】【51 cm】, 86149, Stars and moon〖gold〗【45 cm】, 86148, Stars and moon【rose】【45 cm】, 86146, Black round card〖gold〗【45 cm】, 86145, Double heart【rose】【45 cm】, 86142, Double heart〖gold〗【45 cm】, 86137, Three-tier queen〖gold〗【51 cm】, 86136, Cross double chain〖gold〗【49 cm】, 86133, Lock〖gold〗【45 cm】, 86132, Pearl alphabet round card〖gold〗【45 cm】, 86131, Crescent three-layer chain〖gold〗【55 cm】, 86130, Queen double decker〖gold〗【49 cm】, 86129, Double layer〖gold〗【49 cm】, 86128, Double ring hanging ball〖gold〗【49 cm】, 86124, Ring double chain〖gold〗【55 cm】, 86123, Vintage green diamond〖gold〗, 86121, Demon Eye Double〖gold〗【55 cm】, 86120, Pattern coin double chain〖gold〗【55 cm】, 86119, Double round bead chain〖gold〗【45 cm】, 86111, Smile letter round card〖gold〗【47 cm】, 86115, Three-layer blade chain〖gold〗【55 cm】, 86114, Queen’s head double-layer chain〖gold〗【49 cm】, 86113, Double cross〖gold〗【55 cm】, 86112, Four-leaf clover pearl chain〖gold〗, 86116, Roman Numeral Pearl Chain〖gold〗, 86110, Multi-layer smiley〖gold〗【49 cm】, 86109, Cross letter round card〖gold〗【55 cm】, 86105, Lock round card double layer〖gold〗【49 cm】, 86104, Geometric hollow〖gold〗【65 cm】, 86103, Three-layer lock cross【rose】【51 cm】, 86102, Three-layer lock cross〖gold〗【51 cm】, 86100, Letter square〖gold〗, 86091, Cowhide necklace〖gold〗【45 cm】, 86094, Good luck double card【rose】【59 cm】, 86093, Small cube〖gold〗【50 cm】, 86092, Double five-pointed star hanging drill〖gold〗【51 cm】, 86095, Double five-pointed star hanging drill【rose】【51 cm】, 86088, Fishbone Double Chain〖gold〗【50 cm】, 86087, Wheat ears〖gold〗【45 cm】, 86082, Black circle D【rose】【51 cm】, 86079, Black circle D〖gold〗【51 cm】, 86068, Round key〖gold〗【65 cm】, 86067, Three-color round bead chain〖gold〗【55 cm】, 86057, Good luck medal〖gold〗【45 cm】, 86056, Good luck double card〖gold〗【50 cm】, 86052, Peace Dove【rose】【45 cm】, 86050, Three square double chain【rose】【50 cm】, 86045, Three square double chain〖gold〗【50 cm】, 86044, Lips flat chain double chain〖gold〗【45 cm】, 86043, 520 round card opposite sex chain〖gold〗【50 cm】, 86041, Flat chain double-layer chain〖gold〗【50 cm】, 86083, Box chain snake bone chain【rose】【50 cm】, 86028, Double Peas chain〖gold〗【45 cm】, 8637, Double Peas Rose Gold【45 cm】, 86023, Good luck medal【rose】, 86017, LOVE double chain【rose】【45 cm】, 86005, Beloved【rose】【45 cm】
Style Europe and America, Women’s
Material Titanium steel
Treatment process Polished plating
Brand Charm Bug
Production code 20201216
Sales serial number 20201216
Type Necklace
Modeling Geometry
Package Individual package
Occasions for gifts Wedding, Tourism Memorial, Employee Benefits
Custom processing Yes
Item No. maoyilian
Origin Dongguan Changan
Chain style Round bead chain
Whether multi-layer Yes
Whether to bring a pendant Yes
Extension chain 10cm or less
Pendant material Titanium steel
Perimeter 51cm (inclusive)-80cm (inclusive)
Whether it is a source of exclusive supply for cross-border export No
Popular elements Metal, Rhinestone, Star
Listing year/season Spring 2021
+88 09666-799125

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