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Inner frame size Selected: A4 table(21*29.7cm)
A4 table(21*29.7cm)
12 inch swing table(25.5*30.5cm)
10 inch table(20.5*25.5cm)
7 inch table(13*18cm)
6 inch table(10.3*15.3cm)
5 inch table(9*13cm)
12 inch wall hanging(25.5*30.5cm)
8-inch swing table(15.1*20.3cm)
16 inch wall hanging(30*40cm)
A4 wall hanging(21*29.7cm)
8 inch wall hanging(15.1*20.3cm)
A3 wall hanging(29.7*42cm)
6 inch wall hanging(10.3*15.3cm)
7 inch wall hanging(13*18cm)
10 inch wall hanging(20.5*25.5cm)
A2 hanging(42*59.6cm)
8k wall hanging(26.7*38.2cm)
4k wall hanging(38.2*53.2cm)
Small 14 inch hanging(10*14 inch 25.4*35.6cm)
14 inch hanging(11*14 inch 27.9*35.6cm)
18 inch hanging(14*18 inch 35.6*45.7cm)
20 inch hanging(40.6*50.8cm)
Small 24-inch hanging(16*24 inch 40.6*61cm)
24 inch hanging(20*24 inch 50.8*61cm)
28 inch hanging(50.8*71.1cm)
30 inch hanging(50.2*75.2cm)
Small 32 inch hanging(20*32 inch 50.2*80.2cm)
Large 32 inch hanging(24*32 inch 60.2*80.2cm)
36 inch hanging(60.2*90.2)
2k hanging(53.2*76.2cm)
Medium 24 inch hanging(18*24 inch 45.7*61cm)
Small 18 inches(12*18 inch 30.5*45.7cm)
5 inch hanging
Frame size Price Qty
Wood color৳ 134121998
White৳ 134193483
Walnut৳ 134169037
Black৳ 134181854
Mahogany৳ 134199797
Pink৳ 134198714
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Total Quantity: 0 Product Price: 0
Approx. Weight: 1 kg
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Shipping Charge: ৳ 0 See exceptional charges*
China Domestic Delivery: 70
Product Code: abb-830374175Total Sold: 2523079Seller Score: 12/20 Category:
Inner frame size A4 table(21*29.7cm), 12 inch swing table(25.5*30.5cm), 10 inch table(20.5*25.5cm), 7 inch table(13*18cm), 6 inch table(10.3*15.3cm), 5 inch table(9*13cm), 12 inch wall hanging(25.5*30.5cm), 8-inch swing table(15.1*20.3cm), 16 inch wall hanging(30*40cm), A4 wall hanging(21*29.7cm), 8 inch wall hanging(15.1*20.3cm), A3 wall hanging(29.7*42cm), 6 inch wall hanging(10.3*15.3cm), 7 inch wall hanging(13*18cm), 10 inch wall hanging(20.5*25.5cm), A2 hanging(42*59.6cm), 8k wall hanging(26.7*38.2cm), 4k wall hanging(38.2*53.2cm), Small 14 inch hanging(10*14 inch 25.4*35.6cm), 14 inch hanging(11*14 inch 27.9*35.6cm), 18 inch hanging(14*18 inch 35.6*45.7cm), 20 inch hanging(40.6*50.8cm), Small 24-inch hanging(16*24 inch 40.6*61cm), 24 inch hanging(20*24 inch 50.8*61cm), 28 inch hanging(50.8*71.1cm), 30 inch hanging(50.2*75.2cm), Small 32 inch hanging(20*32 inch 50.2*80.2cm), Large 32 inch hanging(24*32 inch 60.2*80.2cm), 36 inch hanging(60.2*90.2), 2k hanging(53.2*76.2cm), Medium 24 inch hanging(18*24 inch 45.7*61cm), Small 18 inches(12*18 inch 30.5*45.7cm), 5 inch hanging, 5 inch hanging(cm)
Frame size Walnut, Pink, Black, Wood color, White, Mahogany, Mahogany(cm)
Material Solid wood
Craft Manual
Custom processing Yes
Brand Golden Dragon Photo Frame
Product number 5-36 inch
Shape Rectangle
Style Modern simplicity
Photo frame features Art
Package Pearl cotton or bubble bag
Whether the source of patent No
Whether to import No
Item No. 01
Main downstream platforms ebay, Amazon, wish, AliExpress, Stand-alone station, LAZADA
Main sales area Africa, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, North America, Middle East
Have licensable own brand No
Whether cross-border export exclusive supply source Yes
Space Living room, Bedroom, Study, Outdoor, Restaurant, Porch, Commercial place
Applicable place Home, Workplace, Entertainment venue, Hotel/Hostel, School, Religious temple, Government agencies, Other
Use occasion Advertising promotion, Conference celebration, Office benefits, Business PR, Thank customers, Opening ceremony, Holiday celebration, Wedding, Birthday, Housewarming, Graduation, Outside
Gift object For parents/elders, Send child/baby, For girlfriend/wife, For boyfriend/husband, Send to friends, Send to colleague, Send to customers, Send leader, Send classmates, Send grace
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